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The current situation in regard to Covid-19 makes for an uncertain future for travel. But it is perhaps a good time to learn a little, find out some more about those destinations you have always wanted to go to, or perhaps know nothing about and have never previously considered. Why not find out a little more?

With this in mind we have launched a series of Online Events with special guest speakers.

Details of upcoming events and video recordings of past events are displayed below.

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Previous Events With Recordings

Discover Kyrgyzstan with Elizavetha Kropacheva

This event has already taken place on 9 June, 2021.
See below for recording on YouTube.

Kyrgyzstan - a landlocked, mountainous country with some of the most stunning vistas in Central Asia. Home to the vast, never freezing Issy Kul lake and the Flower Valley with its magnificent, alpine landscape, the country was at the very heart of the legendary Silk Road. Step back in time at the historic Tash Rabat Caravanserai, the beautiful Burana Tower and ponder the purpose of the mysterious ancient statues called bulbuls.  Learn more about the nomadic lifestyle and Eagle Hunters as you make your way to Bishkek, set against the backdrop of the majestic Tien Shan mountains.

Elizavetha (Elizabeth) Kropacheva was born in Bishkek (the city was then called Frunze) and has been working in tourism since 2004, after graduating from the Kyrgyz National State University. She developed a passion for travel and history from a very young age as her father’s assignments as a geologist took the family to various places within and outside the country. This provided Elizavetha an opportunity to get a deeper insight into the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the people and she took up tour leading in 2010 to share her stories and create insider’s experiences for other travellers. She is currently studying Turkish history and language.

Watch recording on YouTube

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Discover Turkmenistan with Artem Saribekov

This event has already taken place on 19 May, 2021.
See below for recording on YouTube.

Turkmenistan – it was once the heart of the Islamic world and an important part of the ancient Silk Road. Transport yourself back in time to the Parthian Empire, among the ruins and shrines of Nisa fortress and the oasis city of Merv. And then fast forward to the surreal capital of Ashgabat, a city of grandiose monuments sheathed in white marble. Travel into the immense and barren landscape of the Kara Kum Desert and come face-to-face with the "Gates of Hell" at the Darvaza flaming crater. A potpourri of ancient and modern cultures and bizarre laws make Turkmenistan truly intriguing and worth exploring.

Artem Saribekov was born and raised in Ashgabat, and is the Head of Travel The Unknown’s Turkmenistan operations. As a boy, he travelled around all of the former USSR with his family. Later, he got to know more of Turkmenistan with his football team, while playing matches across the country. This provided him the opportunity to explore more of his own country and resulted in Artem joining the tourism industry in 2005 as an English & Russian language tour guide. A qualified Philologist, he studied English Language and Literature at the Turkmen State University and worked as a Translator & English Text Editor at The State Institute of Cultural Heritage before joining the travel industry. He still plays football in his free time and loves to read books ranging from history to global finance and is especially interested in books about the Great Game period and its events.

Watch the recording of the event on YouTube

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Discover Malta
with Julia Valentino

Head to sunnier shores and explore the historic islands of Malta with local expert Julia.

This event has already taken place on 21 April, 2021. See below for recording on YouTube.

Malta is not just an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its strategic location, the islands had been under various rulers, from the time of the Phoenicians. Inhabited since about 5000 BC, Malta is home to megalithic temples that predate the pyramids and several other archaeological and historic monuments. In a single day one can visit ancient astronomy temples in the morning, view a Carravaggio masterpiece at lunch and dine at a oceanfront restaurant in the evening. Whether you are looking for a culture or an adventure centric trip, a city break or just relaxing by the sea side, this little country packs a big punch.

Julia Valentino is the Director and Co-Owner of Travel The Unknown’s Malta operations. After graduating  from University, Julia joined the family business and started off her career in sales and operations, and moved her way up, to now managing the business together with her brother Simon. Julia has a passion for all things Maltese and loves to share it with travellers visiting her country. She is a perfectionist with an eye for detail and enjoys meeting people.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Tajikistan
with Sophie Ibbotson

Enjoy this snapshot tour of the lesser-visited Tajikistan with Bradt Travel Guide author Sophie.

This event has already taken place on 17 March, 2021. See below for recording.

Tajikistan – the land of imposing glaciers, jagged rocky peaks and the famous Pamir mountains. However, its allure extends beyond its natural beauty. Inhabited for over 4,000 years,  and with an abundance of ancient fortresses and beautifully-decorated mausoleums, Tajikistan has its fair share of the ancient ‘Silk Road’ charm.  From the bustling capital of Dushanbe to the magnificent palace of Hubuk and finally on to the lush Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan's unique history is ripe for discovery.

Sophie Ibbotson has been involved with the development of tourism in Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan since 2008. She is the author of Bradt Travel Guides’ Tajikistan. Sophie is also a consultant to the World Bank and Tajikistan’s State Committee for Tourism Development, supporting the Rural Economy Development Project in Khatlon and Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Bangladesh
with​ Syed Riazul Huq (Riaz) 

Join us on an adventure through the relatively unexplored Bangladesh.

This event has taken place on  31 March, 2021. See below for recording on YouTube.

Bangladesh – home to the largest river delta and mangrove forest in the world, Sundarbans. From the buzzing city of Dhaka to the quieter tea plantations, the remote tribes, and the beautiful mosques & temples dotted around the country, Bangladesh caters to the interests of different types of travellers. Still quite untouched by tourism, there is a lot in this fascinating country waiting to be explored.

Syed Riazul Huq (Riaz) was born and bred in Bangladesh and has been working for the tourism industry since 2006. With a Masters degree in Chemistry and a love for photography, Riaz got involved in coordinating and guiding Biodiversity Research groups in the Sundarbans and photography tours around the country. He has led many foreign media teams and assisted them with their documentary work on the textile industry in Bangladesh, wildlife in the mangrove forests and the livelihood of indigenous people in the Hill districts & Sundarbans.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Nepal
with Bishnu Prasad Acharya

Experience the beautiful scenery and ancient culture of Nepal with local expert Bishnu.

This event has already taken place on 3 March, 2021 @ 11:00 am (UK time). See below for recording.

Nepal: a name associated with the world’s highest mountains, trekking and the chaotic city of Kathmandu. While Mt Everest is undoubtedly the country’s crowning glory, there is a ‘real’ Nepal hidden amongst the mountains. This presentation will take you through the charming Newari towns, the fauna of the national parks to the lesser known, ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ area.

Bishnu Prasad Acharya was born and raised in Chitwan, Nepal. He had a passion for birding and exploring right from his school days. After finishing university he started working closely with the Bird Education Society which was established in the 90s with the aim of educating people about the importance of protecting birds and the ecosystem. With a friendly disposition and creative mind, he took up tour guiding to show tourists the lesser visited areas of the country and give them an insight into the country’s rich culture and fauna. He continues his research on the avian species along with his work. Bishnu assisted Jeff Corwin and the team of Animal Planet with their documentary work on one-horned rhinos and has led many a trip for specialist tour operators. He is also actively involved in preservation projects of the world heritage sites in the country.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Bhutan
with Jambay Dorji

Join Jambay as he shows you the highlights of his native Bhutan.

This event has already taken place on 17 February, 2021 @ 11:00 am (UK time). Please see below for recording.

Bhutan - a tiny Kingdom nestled in the Himalayas. An enigmatic nation with a very strong identity of its own. Remote and landlocked, the world knew so little about Bhutan, but today every country in the world is trying to emulate its environmental success. It is the only carbon negative country in the world! Marvel at the distinctive architecture of the Dzongs, enjoy the colourful festivals or hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Every experience in this land of happiness is unique.

Jambay Dorji was born and raised in Trongsa in central Bhutan and manages Travel The Unknown’s Bhutan operations. From a very young age he had a fascination for travelling and exploring. He joined the travel industry soon after graduating from Kalimpong University in India. In a career spanning over two decades, he has led various cultural and trekking trips around the country. As a nature lover and birding enthusiast, he has travelled extensively and explored the remotest regions of Bhutan. Jambay is also an excellent archer and whenever he gets a break from his busy work schedule, he is either off exploring or practicing the national sport - archery.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube 

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Discover Lebanon
with Pauline Daher

Delve into the Lebanon's extensive historical ties and tantalizing tastes with local experts Pauline.

This event has already taken place on 3 February, 2021 @ 18:00 pm (UK time). See below for recording.

Lebanon – a country full of ancient and modern charms. From the awe-inspiring Roman site at Baalbek, to the birthplace of the contemporary alphabet, Byblos and onto some of the oldest Phoenician cities, Sidon & Tyre in the south, immerse yourself in the country’s rich history. Hike in the spectacular Qadisha valley, taste the wines in Ksara and enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of Beirut. A delightful land for gourmands, archaeology and activity lovers, this tiny country packs a big punch.

Pauline Daher, has been working as tour guide with our local partner in Lebanon since 2002. She studied Art, Archaeology and Museology at University and is fluent in 4 languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. Pauline has led familiarisation trips for journalists and tour operators around Lebanon. Nothing excites Pauline more than showing people around and speaking to them about her country.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover Jordan
with ​David Symes

Join David on an adventure through the incredible sights of Jordan.

This event has already taken place on 20 January, 2021 @ 18:00 pm (UK time). See below for recording.

Jordan - home to Petra, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. A country with a wealth of hidden treasures and dramatic landscapes. Follow Laurence of Arabia's footsteps across the vast, 'Martian' desert of Wadi Rum, marvel at Jerash’s remarkable Roman ruins and stay buoyed up in the Dead Sea. Traverse along the King’s Highway, from Um Qais to Aqaba, exploring the Crusader Castles along the way. Be it a culture heavy or activity based holiday or just relaxation, Jordan does not cease to fascinate!

David Symes is the Director of International Marketing in Travel The Unknown’s Jordan operations. Having spent most of his life in the UK he worked for the Jordan Tourism Board in London between July 2001 and June 2011. He has been promoting and developing tourism to Jordan for almost 20 years. Having visited the country nearly 50 times, David is not only an expert on all things Jordanian but has a great understanding of what makes this little Kingdom a fabulous holiday destination. Nothing beats sitting round the fire with a group of friends in Wadi Rum unless it’s the first glimpse of Petra, floating in the Dead Sea or being invited by a Bedouin for tea. As David says, a trip to Jordan is always full of unexpected surprises!

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Borneo
with Beatriz Suarez

Explore Borneo's incredible wildlife and unique cultures with local expert, Beatriz.

This event has already taken place on 6 January, 2021 @ 11:00 am (UK time). See below for recording.

Borneo, a land teeming with endemic species of mammal, bird and marine life - and incredible rainforests. Adventure lovers can go rafting or hiking, explore vast cave complexes and discover pristine wilderness. Its culture is also extremely rich and diverse with ethnic Malay and Chinese living alongside former headhunters such as the Iban, Kenyah and Penan. Whether you want to go in search of orangutans, proboscis monkeys and Borneo pygmy elephants in Sabah or experience longhouse tribal culture in Sarawak, Borneo has it all.

Beatriz Suarez is a travel industry veteran and manager of incoming tours in our local partnership in Borneo. After working for travel agencies and tour operators in Spain and UK dealing with holidays to Asia, Beatriz realized her dream of working in Asia. She has a  passion for all things Malaysian, and has travelled the length and breadth of the country. She uses her own experiences and knowledge to create exquisite itineraries for Borneo and rest of Malaysia. An expert on  Sustainable Tourism, she has been engaged in various environmental projects in Malaysia and is passionate about nature & wildlife conservation initiatives.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover the Balkans
with Robert Dee

Join Robert on a journey through the unique sights of the Balkan countries.

This event has already taken place on 9 December, 2020 @ 18:00 (6pm UK). See below for recording.

The Balkans, or former Yugoslavia (apart from Albania), to most of us! Having been through years of war and turbulent times in the 80s and 90s, the Balkan nations now stand out strong and independent, each with its own cultural, linguistic and historical identity. These appeal to the most intrepid traveller and would satisfy those who want to peel back the historical layers of each country’s modernising image.

Hike through the legendary Accursed Mountains of Albania, and experience one of Europe’s last unspoiled cultures. Soak in the beauty of the traditional villages, canyons & waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina. For a small country, Kosovo packs a big punch with UNESCO-listed monasteries, wildlife and adventure activities, and not to forget the traditional games, film and jazz festivals! The architecture of basilicas and palaces, classic beauty of Ohrid and Vrelo, the world’s deepest underwater cave in North Macedonia are enthralling. Montenegro is a country brimming with beauty - charming towns and villages along its Adriatic shores, while its interior is brimming with beautiful national parks, offering perfect single and multi-day hiking opportunities. The beautiful landscapes of Devil's Town to the rustic wine cellar village at Rajac, delicious cuisine and quirky festivals make Serbia an ideal place for a unique trip.

Robert Dee has a long association with the Balkan region. He started escorting tours to Yugoslavia back in 1985. Robert was also the youngest member of The British Yugoslav Society, whose chairman was the legendary Sir Fitzroy Maclean. In 2000, he joined Radisson Hotels, which had a major presence throughout the region. As the Head of Global Leisure Sales for the group, he organised many familiarisation trips for tour operators, and even guided a few himself. Robert has his own consultancy and has been involved in several projects in the Balkans focused on sustainable tourism development. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Surrey, School of Tourism. He is the co-founder of New Deal Europe, a business dedicated to growth and development of tourism to the Balkans.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Mexico
with Katja Peichl

Explore the fantastic sights and tastes of Mexico with our local expert, Katja.

This event has already taken place on 25 November 2020, 18:00 (UK time). See below for recording.

Mexico, the land of ancient sites, rich culture & delicious cuisine. Beyond the country’s stunning landscapes and sublime beaches are the hidden secrets of the Olmecs, Aztecs & Mayans. This presentation will take you from Mexico’s bustling capital city and the nearby venerable site of Teotihuacan to Oaxaca, the gastronomy hot-spot of Mexico, ending up in Yucatan’s fascinating ancient historical sites. It is the dream destination for archaeology & culinary aficionados.

Katja Peichl is the Product Manager & curator of Travel The Unknown’s Mexico tours. She studied psychology and theology and worked as a private tutor. About 7 years ago, she decided it was time to try out something new. She travelled to Mexico and fell in love with the landscape, food and people. Katja loves to explore the lesser known historic sites and cities of Mexico whenever she gets the chance and enjoys creating unique itineraries for travellers.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover the Soviet Fringes
with Eriks Lingeberzins

Join Eriks on a whirlwind journey of Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova - each with their own highlights and must-see's.

This event has already taken place on 11 November 2020 @18:00 (UK time). See below for recording.

The trio of nations, Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova or the ‘Soviet Fringes’, as we collectively call them, are unique, intriguing and very safe to travel around. These offer a very interesting blend of the Soviet Era and the present day lifestyle that they have transitioned into. This presentation will give you a glimpse into each of these countries. Starting from the vibrant capital cities of Minsk, Kiev and Chisinau, go on to the vast national parks & historical castles of Belarus. Admire the architecture in Lviv and the seaside city of Odessa, get a complete picture of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. Explore the cave monasteries, vineyards of Purcari & Cricova, and some of the world’s largest underground wine cellars in Moldova, once called the ‘Garden of the Soviet Union’. No trip to Moldova would be complete without a visit to Transnistria, the unrecognised republic and its capital Tiraspol.

Born & raised in Riga, Eriks Lingeberzins is Managing Director of Travel The Unknown’s local partnership. A through and through tourism professional, Eriks has not only worked in this industry since the start of his career, but has gone on to earn a doctorate in Tourism Enterprise Management. He is also Head of Tourism Research and an assistant professor at the Turiba University in Riga. Not surprisingly, Eriks also possesses good linguistic skills and is fairly fluent in various languages.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover Myanmar
with Pyone Ei Mon

Experience Myanmar's incredible hospitality and unmatched scenery with our local expert, Pyone.

This event has already taken place on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 @11:00 (UK time). See below for link to recording.

Myanmar: a name often associated with strife and a turbulent past. The real beauty and rich history of the country has always been buried under negative headlines. Untouched by tourism all these years, it is gradually emerging as a ‘must visit’ country in South East Asia. In this presentation, you will get to discover a land of raw beauty, unwavering spirit and unrivalled hospitality. Learn about the traditional fishermen of Lake Inle, Bagan's sublime pagodas and Yangon's back streets. Get a glimpse into the lives of the remote tribal groups, and lesser visited communities.

Pyone is the Manager of Travel The Unknown’s Myanmar operations. Born and raised in Myanmar, she has been associated with the travel & tourism industry since 2003 and is a Certified Sustainable Development Professional. After a 4 year job stint in the UAE, she returned to Myanmar in 2012 to take up her current role in the company and actively pursue social projects to support local communities. Pyone loves travelling & meeting people. Her favourite places in Myanmar are Bagan, Hsipaw, Kyaukme & Ngapali Beach.

Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

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Discover Sri Lanka
with Mahiru Fernando

Join Mahiru on a cultural exploration of this beautiful tropical island.

This event has already taken place on 14 October 2020 @18:00 (UK time). See below for recording.

Sri Lanka is a tear drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Ocean’. This presentation will take you through its 2000 years of culture, colonial towns, tea plantations and National Parks. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites, going from sacred cities to cave monasteries and Dutch Forts, and ending up on idyllic, palm-fringed beaches. For a small country, Sri Lanka certainly packs a big punch.

Born and bred in Colombo, Mahiru, the manager of Travel The Unknown's Sri Lanka operations,  was determined from an early age, to travel and explore the whole of Sri Lanka. The travel industry was a perfect fit, not just to discover it for himself as regularly as possible, but to also share it with others. Being an outdoor enthusiast, his favourite spots within the country are the national parks and hills that offer trails for soft hikes, waterfalls and stunning views, which can be enjoyed with a shot of arrack in hand. His favourite dish is the Black Pork Curry, which, he considers himself a master chef at preparing.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube.

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Discover the Philippines
with Bryan Ocampo

This event has already taken place on 30 September 2020 @11:00 (UK time). See below for video recording.

The Philippines is a vast archipelago consisting of over 7000 islands and the only Asian country to be colonised by the Spanish!  This presentation will take you around this biodiverse land, known for its volcanoes, beaches, mountains, rainforests and diving spots. Starting in the capital Manila, where colonial architecture meets modern, we move on to the 2000 year old rice terraces in Banaue and crater lakes like Taal, Pinatubo and Bulusan. Some of the world’s best marine life can be seen in Donsol.

Bryan Ocampo, a tourism professional and curator of Travel The Unknown's Philippines tours is an advocate of adventure travel in the Philippines. His knowledge and experience in leading trips and exploring the country's cuisine, history and heritage have strengthened his desire to show its best qualities and quirks to people all over the world. Even in the face of this pandemic, he still believes that he has the best job in the world. He loves karaoke, a good laugh, wine and his wife - in no particular order.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover Northern Ethiopia & the Bale Mountains
with Yvonne Levene

This event has already taken place on 23 September 2020 @18:00 (UK time). See below for video recording.

Ethiopia is a vast and varied country, and this presentation will take you around the key parts of northern Ethiopia. Starting in the vibrant capital Addis Ababa, we will move on to sights such as Axum, Gondar, the Simien Mountains and the iconic rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. We also venture down south to the lesser-visited Bale Mountains, home to some incredible endemic wildlife and rare flora.

Yvonne worked in the Red Cross and travelled around the world with her husband Guy who was in the British Army. One of their postings was in Ethiopia where they travelled extensively and fell in love with the country. They decided to make Ethiopia their home and constructed the stunning Bale Mountain Lodge in 2013. The lodge has been welcoming visitors wanting to get truly off the beaten track and see some of the unique flora and fauna.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discovering North India
with Raaja Bhasin

Join Raaja as he takes you on a journey through the northern regions of India.

Event has already taken place on 2 September 2020 @18:00 (UK time).

Discover some of hidden gems of India in this talk. Start in Shimla, the summer capital of British India before heading to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Explore the lesser known parts of Rajasthan and before moving eastwards to the holy city of Varanasi. You will get a glimpse into the history, architecture and cultural diversity of these areas.

Born and raised in India and a resident of Shimla, Raaja Bhasin is an eminent author, journalist, lecturer and speaker. Raaja Bhasin has published fourteen critically acclaimed books and numerous commissioned booklets of history, travel and fiction. He has handled prestigious writing and editorial assignments for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), various departments of the Government of India and is also associated with television networks including the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

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Discover Colombia
with Carolina Niño 

Join Carolina as she takes you on a journey through this intriguing and often misunderstood country, Travel The Unknown's very first destination in Latin America.

Date & Time: 19 August 2020 @18:00 (UK time).

Join this virtual journey through Colombia. Start in the capital Bogota and travel on to the verdant coffee plantations in the Coffee Region. Wander the colourful streets of Cartagena, considered the most charming colonial city in South America,and learn about the reborn city of Medellin. Discover mysterious pre-Columbian statues in San Agustin as well as lesser-seen parts of the country, including the Pacific coast, the Tatacoa desert and the Lost City. 

Carolina was born and brought up in Colombia. She helps curate and manage our tours there. She knows Colombia like the back of her hand, and she will help shed light on this still relatively unknown destination. You will see why Colombia must be the next country you visit in South America. 

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Introduction to the Silk Road
With David McGuinness

Join David on this whiste-stop tour of the Silk Road from its origins in China, throug the 'Stans' of Central Asia and on through Jordan and Turkey. 

David McGuinness is the co-director and co-founder of Travel The Unknown and an ardent fan of the Silk Road.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube
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Discover Cambodia with Charlotte Piffard

Join Charlotte as she takes you on a journey through the secrets of Cambodia.

Date & Time: Event has already taken place on 5 August 2020 @11:00 (UK time).

The presentation will aim to take you around the key sights of Cambodia, including the mystical temple complex of Angkor Wat and the heritage sights of the capital Phnom Penh. Learn about some of the islands in the Mekong, floating villages and other lesser-known rural places. She will also touch on Cambodian cuisine and what makes Cambodia so unique amongst its neighbours.

Charlotte was born in Argentina and grew up living in Asia. She has been in Cambodia for two years and is constantly amazed by Cambodian's friendliness. Living in Phnom Penh, she is responsible for the operation of our tours. Together with her team, they are focused on developing more sustainable travel experiences so that we can offer respectful and off the beaten tracks tours to our clients by empowering local communities. 

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover Brazil
with Judith Mutici

Join Judith as she takes you on a journey through this fascinating and diverse country.

This event has already taken place on 22 July 2020 @18:00 (UK time). Watch recording via link below.

The presentation will aim to take you around the key sights of this vast country, including Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, the Pantanal and a few lesser-explored parts of the country. You will also hear about Brazil's heritage and cultural diversity and what makes this such a special country to visit in South America.

Born and raised in Austria, Judith's first experience in Brazil was during a high-school exchange year in a small town in central Brazil. After school, she returned to Brazil as a volunteer for a small NGO near Fortaleza. She graduated in Latin Studies and eventually decided to make Brazil her home. She currently resides in Recife where she has been managing our local operations and helping design innovative itineraries for our clients.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube

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Discover Vietnam
With Nick Wade

Join Nick Wade, intrepid traveller and manager of Travel The Unknown's Vietnam operations, as he takes you on a virtual tour of Vietnam's highlights and its hidden secrets

Date & Time: Event has already taken place on Wednesday, 8th of July 2020 @11:00 (UK time). Watch video via link below.

Join Nick as he takes you on a virtual tour through some of Vietnam's many attractions -  traditional villages, colonial architecture, ethnic tribal groups, beautiful temples, dramatic bays and of course its sublime cuisine. 

From the UK but born in Saudi, Nick has travelled extensively in Asia, including living in Seoul for 6 years. Now based in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) for the past three years, he has explored most areas of the country and manages the team that run the local Vietnam operations for Travel The Unknown, helping our travellers to design their perfect Vietnamese experience.

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube
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Discover Georgia
With Sophie Ibbotson

Join Sophie Ibbotson, intrepid traveller and advisor to the Georgia Tourism Board, as she takes you on a journey through this fascinating and charming country.
Date & Time: Event has already taken place on 24th of June 2020 @17:00 (UK time) Watch video via link below.
Join Sophie on this virtual journey through Georgia, taking in its stunning landscapes including the rugged Caucasus mountains, an intriguing history dominated by its three giant neighbours - the Persians, the Ottomans and the Russians, its dramatically situated and sublimely crafted Orthodox monasteries and of course its fabled hospitality topped with superb cuisine and world-class wines.  

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube
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Discover India's Wildlife 
With Surya ​Ramachandran

Join Surya Ramachandran, a naturalist and wildlife enthusiast, on a virtual tour of India's wildlife
Date & Time: Event has already taken place on 10th of June 2020 @17:00 (UK time). Watch video via link below.
Join Surya, a naturalist and wildlife enthusiast, who has been also working as a wildlife guide in India for many years, as he takes you on a virtual tour of India's wildlife, and shows you a tiny slice of what India's wildlife has to offer. Of course the tiger is the superstar of Indian wildlife and we would not deny him his fame, but there is so much more to wildlife in India. Join Surya to find out more about the wild experiences that await in India. 
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Discover Eastern Turkey
With Diana Darke

Join Diana Darke, Middle East expert and author of numerous books including the Bradt guide to Eastern Turkey as she takes you on a journey through this beautiful, historic and vastly underrated part of Turkey.

Date & Time: Event has already taken place on 27th of May 2020 @17:00 (UK time). Watch video via link below.

Join this virtual journey through Eastern Turkey. Visit the world's first temple at Göbekli Tepe (more than twice as old as Stonehenge), the oldest city in the world at Çatalhöyük, and climb up to see the ancient heads statues of Mount Nemrut, overlooking the Tigris and the Euphrates. Discover sublime Armenian churches at Ani and at Lake Van, visit ancient underground cities at Cappadocia and take in the dramatic landscapes of Mount Ararat. 

Watch the recording of this event on YouTube (note the live audio was later rerecorded for a better experience)​

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Discover Uzbekistan
With Sophie Ibbotson

Join Sophie Ibbotson, the author of the Bradt guide to Uzbekistan and the country's tourism ambassador as she takes you on a journey through this enigmatic land.

Date & Time: Event has already taken place on 13th of May 2020 @17:00 (UK time). Watch video via link below.

Join this virtual journey through Uzbekistan's fabled Silk Road cities - Samarkhand, Bukhara and Khiva - and learn of their histories, their legends and their tall tales. Discover its exquisite Islamic architecture and its desert castles. But delve a little deeper too, exploring lesser-visited corners of this land of great hospitality and unparalleled beauty. 

Watch Video of this event on YouTube

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