Formerly known as Persia, Iran is simply brimming with archaeological treats that will enthral history buffs and art aficionados alike.


Formerly known as Persia, Iran is simply brimming with archaeological treats that will enthral history buffs and art aficionados alike.


Despite the topsy-turvy relations between Iran and the West, a small but growing number of travellers have cast aside their uncertainties and come to explore this fascinating country, teeming with ancient Zoroastrian temples, sublime mosques, dramatic fortresses and striking monuments.

Wander impregnable fortresses echoing with legends of ancient heroes and constructed by early civilisations from Achaemenids to Safavids. Admire innovative mosque designs in Isfahan, sublime stone carving in Persepolis and ancient relief carvings and paintings.

Iran's diverse natural landscapes will beguile hikers as they tackle the Middle East's highest peak, Mount Damavand, or traverse Iran's Valley of the Assassins. In any area of the country, however, visitors can look forward to engaging with warm-hearted locals, who are always generous with their hospitality.

Why travel with us ?

We have been offering trips to Iran long before it came onto most traveller’s radars; even in the days of Ahmadinejad, we were running a variety of trips to Iran. We love Iran and are always happy to go back and reconnect with our friends on the ground, meaning our first-hand knowledge and experience of the country is unrivalled.

Our range of small group tours in Iran is unparalleled, covering the classical route from Shiraz through Yazd and Isfahan to Tehran, an archaeology tour visiting the four ancient capitals of Persepolis, Pasargadae, Susa and Ecbatana, an extensive three-week cultural tour, a Silk Road itinerary from East to West, an immersive UNESCO sites tour covering all 23 UNESCO sites (the last added in June 2018!) and an off-the-beaten-track adventure in the northwest of the country, infused with Armenian and Turkish influences.

In addition to our group tours we offer a range of extensions and tailormade options in Iran including desert experiences, treks up Mount Damavand, the Middle East’s highest peak at 5610m, and several peaks over 4000m, as well as gentler village-based treks. We can also arrange skiing, birding, cooking classes in Tehran, overnight experiences in ancient Silk Road caravanserais and plenty more.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Tehran
Population: Around 24 million
Languages: Farsi

Visa Latest

All of our Iran tours include your visa authorisation code. Please ask us for details.

Those holding British, US and Canadian passports must get a visa in advance of arrival to Iran.
For more on Iran visas visit our Iran visa page

NOTE: we only provide visa services for those who book an Iran tour with us.

Iran Presentation

Iran – a country that does not cease to fascinate! Look beyond the news headlines the country has always made, and you will discover a land with cultural history dating back about 5000 years. The Persian Empire was one of the largest empires in history, spread across nearly half of the world, from the eastern part of Europe to India. Iran is rich not only in history and culture, but also literature, arts, architecture, technology and cuisine. From Zoroastrian temples, sublime mosques, dramatic fortresses and striking monuments to the Middle East's highest peak, Mount Damavand or the Caspian Sea coast, the country has it all. 

Diana Darke is a Middle East cultural expert who has spent over 30 years living and working in the Middle East. She is the author of several books, including My House in Damascus (2016) and ‘Stealing from the Saracens’, named Book of the Year 2020. In 2014 she travelled extensively around Iran with Travel the Unknown, noting both the differences and the similarities with the Arab world.

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