Tune into nature and track elusive wildlife through their centuries-old habitats on an environmentally responsible tour.


Tune into nature and track elusive wildlife through their centuries-old habitats on an environmentally responsible tour.


Follow the trail of the Bengal tiger in Central India or the one-horned rhino in North East India, venture into a remote corner of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia in search of pink dolphins, or observe the strange behaviour of grass-eating Gelada baboons in Ethiopia. Get up close to orangutans and proboscis monkeys in Borneo and discover lemurs aplenty in Madagascar's ancient forests. Wildlife tours are exceptionally rewarding; offering you a unique insight into some fascinating species and the delicate environments that support them.

Joining one of our small group wildlife tours is a great experience but we can also arrange wildlife extensions to regular group tours or customise a wildlife tour to suit your requirements.

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Wildlife of India

India has some of the most diverse wildlife on earth and we run a number of small group and tailormade wildlife tours focusing on iconic national parks and tiger reserves as well as lesser-visited parks in more remote parts of the country. It is easy to see why India inspired Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. Whether by jeep, elephant, boat or on foot, a wildlife adventure in India is a thrilling experience. Roam through thick jungles, mangroves and sub-tropical forests, and there is a good chance you will come face-to-face with the wide spectrum of animals that call India their home – from wild elephants, spotted deer and majestic tigers to one-horned rhinos, long-snouted gharials and even lions! Below is a selection of some of India’s best national parks and tiger reserves. You can expect to see many species of monkey, wild boar, deer and endemic birdlife in most of India’s wildlife parks so these are not mentioned in the table.

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Wildlife of Borneo

Borneo is home to some of the world's most unique and exotic wildlife. Delve into tropical rainforests, snake along winding rivers and trek through lush valleys in search of proboscis monkeys, Sumatran rhinos and Pygmy elephants. The vast cave networks, beautiful coral reef and magnificent national parks of Borneo lie waiting to be explored. With a host of endemic species, including the endandered orangutan, this Malaysian state is the perfect wildlife destination for the whole family.

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Wildlife of Madagascar

Madagascar is renowned for its flourishing endemic wildlife - with 150,000 out of Madascar's 200,000 species being endemic to the island. Embark on a once in a lifetime tour through the rich wilderness of this mysterious island. Delve into the rainforests which inspired the DreamWorks film of "Madagascar". Venture to Parc National de l’Isalo and Parc National d’Andasibe to identify some of the island's dominant lemur species, including the indri lemur, ring-tailed lemus and pygmy mouse-lemur. There's plenty in Madagascar for avid bird watchers too - being home to five endemic bird families, most of which are found in the rainforests of Mantandia and Perinet. The most celebrated include the Madagascar paradise-flycatcher, scaly ground rollers, nelicourvi weaver and Madagascan fish eagle. Few destinations rival the unspoilt wildlife of Madagascar, making it a must-visit destination for everyone - from families to solo travellers.

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Wildlife of Brazil

Brazil is home to some of world's most diverse ecosystems. Explore Amazonian rainforests and visit the otherworldly wetlands of the Pantanal. Venture to Rio for a unique wildlife experience in the world’s largest urban forest. The vibrant country is a birder's paradise - with over 1,600 recorded species to discover. Explore the wilderness of this tropical nation for the opportunity to unveil captivating species including jaguars, tapirs and capuchin monkeys.

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Wildlife of Sri Lanka

Take a step into the wilderness of Sri Lanka - home to awe-inspiring elephant gatherings and charming turtle hatchlings. Venture through some of the most pristine national parks and explore some of Sri Lanka's most iconic ecosystems, from freshwater wetlands to verdant rainforests. Take the opportunity to get up close to some of Sri Lanka's most indredible endemic wildlife. Embark on safari drives through the remarkably diverse Yala National Park - home to the highest concentration of leopard in the world - and watch the release of rare Hawksbills at the Kosgoda’s Turtle Hatchery.

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