Tour Ratings Explained

The ratings represent an average for the trip and are inherently subjective.
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Off The Beaten Track Ratings

1 dot:    Firmly on the tourist trail - for example, India's Golden Triangle.
2 dots:  A reasonably popular tourist destination or region - for example, Jordan's classic sites.
3 dots:  A mix of some remote places and some classic sites - say a classic tour of Colombia.
4 dots:  A tour of a region that sees few visitors but you may see other travellers on some sections of the trip, say a cultural tour of southern Morocco.
5 dots:  A remote area or destination that very few tourists have visited, for example, the tribal areas of Arunachal Pradesh in India or remote parts of Papua New Guinea.

Activity ratings

1 dot:    Relaxation. There are no activities scheduled.
2 dots:  Typically this will include some short walking tours and/or some medium length  car/minibus journeys (typically 3-4 hours).
3 dots:  This is the standard for most of our cultural tours. It involves city walking, perhaps short walks in rural areas and some medium to long drives (typically 4-8 hours).
4 dots:  This will often involve some short hikes or equivalent, as well as some longish drives (typically up to 8 hours) and city walking.
5 dots:  Typically this is a hiking or activity-focused itinerary and can be quite strenuous. A good level of fitness is required.

Comfort ratings

1 dot:    Basic camping. Shower might not be available every day. Long drives on rough terrain.
2 dots:  Some camping and very basic hotels. Hot water in most places. Long drives on rough terrain and there may be overnight train journeys.
3 dots:  Good 3* hotels, guest houses, homestays and lodges. Hot water always available. There may be occasional long drives on rough terrain. Train travel usually in 2nd class.
4 dots:  High standard hotels, heritage properties, luxury camps and lodges. Hot water always available. Majority of travel on good roads. Train travel usually in 1st class.
5 dots:  Top-end hotels, typically 5*. Most places will have spa, massage and leisure facilities. Majority of travel on good roads. Train travel would be in 1st class.