Set at an often forgotten crossroads between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a small but fascinating country.


Set at an often forgotten crossroads between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a small but fascinating country.


Long under the thumb of its neighbouring triumvirate of regional powers - the Persians, the Ottomans and then the Soviets - Georgia has finally managed to shake off its shackles and stand as an independent country. 

Blessed with an abundance of medieval fortresses, spectacularly set Orthodox churches and monasteries, warm and welcoming people and a delectable cuisine including one of the world's oldest wine-making traditions, Georgia is the true essence of a diamond in the rough. Gaumarjos Georgia!

Why travel with us ?

Georgia is a country we know well, and we relish every opportunity to return. Our Georgia Explorer small group tour is a perfect introduction to the highlights of Georgia as well as some less obvious treats. It covers a range of regions, and tries not to overdo it on the churches, which can be easily done in Georgia. You will also learn about Georgian script, sample fine wines, listen to unique polyphonic singing and indulge in delicious Georgian cuisine. 

We also run small group tours that combine the highlights of Georgia with the highlights of Armenia, or with the highlights of both Azerbaijan and Armenia (Best of the Caucasus).

If you would like a private trip or an extension, we can offer visits to the remote monastery of Davit Gareja, sat on a ridge overlooking Azerbaijan, cooking classes, trekking in the high mountains of Svaneti or the remote northeast region of Tusheti, or simply spend a couple of relaxing days in Tbilisi to unwind. Contact one of our travel specialists for more help in putting together your ideal trip to Georgia or a wider Caucasus trip. 
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Quick Facts

Capital: Tbilisi
Population: Around 3.7 million
Languages: Georgian

Georgia presentation

We were delighted to have Sophie Ibbotson, tourism consultant to the Georgian Tourist Board, speak about Georgia as a travel destination. Her presentation covers some of the highlights of Georgia and its role as the birthplace of wine. She also explains why Tbilisi is her favourite capital in the world and why Georgia is also such a great foodie destination. Situated at the heart of the Caucasus region you will realise why you should perhaps consider Georgia as your next off the beaten track holiday.


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