Breathtaking beaches, luxuriant rainforests, hedonistic festivals - South America's largest country is as big on personality as it is on size.


Breathtaking beaches, luxuriant rainforests, hedonistic festivals - South America's largest country is as big on personality as it is on size.


Brazil has earned itself a deserved reputation for passion and pulsating energy, but beyond the dazzling celebrations of Carnival and the unwavering pride in their footballers, a varied land of forgotten colonial towns, otherworldly landscapes and untouched wilderness is waiting to be discovered.
Rio de Janeiro's samba-fuelled nights and its white-sand beaches at Copacabana and Ipanema are internationally famous, as is its iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The incredible Iguaçu Falls are the biggest waterfall horseshoe on Earth, and Brazil is home to one third of the Amazon rainforest. Indeed ten percent of all the world's animal species can be found in Brazil - from vibrant scarlet macaws to boisterous howler monkeys. Cobblestone streets, colonial architecture and idyllic tropical islands characterise the Costa Verde, in the quaint town of Paraty. For wildlife lovers, the Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetlands, home to caiman, capybara and the elusive jaguar, to name a few.

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When navigating a country as vast and varied as Brazil, it can seem a daunting task to find the right itinerary for you. Our experts have extensive first-hand experience in Brazil and can help you get the most out of your time there, from finding the most off-the-beaten-track, pristine beaches in the country's north-east, or seeking out shy jaguars in the Pantanal. 

If you have a specific interest that isn't mentioned in our suggested itineraries, just get in touch and our Brazil specialists will be happy to design a customised itinerary for you. Do you long to visit Lençóis Maranhenses National Park to see the awesome sight of crystal-clear blue lagoons forming amidst the sand dunes? Has the idea of sleeping in a hammock under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest been a life-long dream? We can make it happen - contact us today to begin your journey to Brazil.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Brasília
Population: Around 208 million
Languages: Portuguese


Extraordinarily diverse ecosystems mean Brazil is blessed with some of the world’s most compelling wildlife including jaguars, capybara, tapirs, giant anteaters, caimans and capuchin monkeys. It is also a birder’s paradise with over 1600 recorded species. Explore Amazonian rainforests or visit the otherworldly wetlands of the Pantanal, gaze in wonder at the magnificent Iguazu Falls or visit Tijuca - reputedly the world’s largest urban forest - in Rio. 


There’s often a festival taking place somewhere in Brazil. Choose Salvador over Rio to experience Carnaval when the entire city is taken over by exuberant revellers. In Recife, join in the hypnotic Afro- Brazilian drumbeat of Maracatu. Originating from Indian, Portuguese and African tales, watch Bumba Meu Boi in Sao Luis, which narrates the story of a resurrected ox told through street performances and capoeira. 


Brazil is home to about 230 tribes, many living in the remotest parts of the country. Working closely with indigenous guides and boatmen, we can arrange special tribal tours to carefully show you some of these very fragile communities in, for example, Amazonas and Mato Grosso states. All tours are conducted respectfully and we expect the same sensitivity to be shown by our travellers. 

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