Central Asia

Situated between Europe and East Asia, Central Asia is home to the former Soviet ‘Stans’ of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Central Asia

Situated between Europe and East Asia, Central Asia is home to the former Soviet ‘Stans’ of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.


Since their independence in 1991 these nations have struggled with poverty, dictatorship, a collapse of industry and various ecological crises. Though many challenges remain a lot of progress has been made, and crucially these enigmatic nations contain some of the world’s most ancient towns, beautiful natural landscapes, rich traditions and striking architecture. The central arteries of the Silk Road passed through this region and immeasurably enriched its culture and its people. A shared history as part of Tsarist Russia and afterwards the Soviet Union is another common in this region. But since independence each country has endeavoured to re-establish and rediscover its individual identity.

Uzbekistan is the crown jewel of the Silk Road, boasting stunning Islamic art, sublime mosques, impressive madrassas and mausoleums, and an endless stream of grisly stories and heroic tales from the classic Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. 

Landlocked Tajikistan is known for its dramatic mountains, continued use of Persian languages, ancient fortresses, sleepy villages and mineral-rich hot springs. 

Mysterious Turkmenistan offers ancient historical sites like Kunya Urgench, Merv and Nisa fortress alongside evidence of the cult of personality of the self-styled 'father of the nation', Turkmenbashi, that continues to shape this mysterious nation. 

Kyrgyzstan offers vast landscapes and wilderness - the vast tranquil waters of Issy Kul Lake, exhilarating walks amongst Jety-Oguz's red peaks, and remote valleys where you can learn about nomadic lifestyles, ancient yurt-making and the lives of eagle hunters. 

Finally, explore ever-developing and economically thriving Kazakhstan - an ethically diverse nation with both an impressive past and an exciting future. Whether marvelling at the skyscrapers of Astana, or the expansive Sharyn Canyon, the 'land of the wanderers' boasts infinite wonders.

Why travel with us ?

As the heart of the Silk Road, one of the world's first routes that brought different cultures into contact, it is hard not to be fascinated by the history but also the present of this ancient byway. As such we have travelled extensively in Central Asia, throughout the so-called "Stans" to uncover their secrets and to put together trips that capture the essence of these diverse countries. We offer individual country tours in all, some as private tours only, others as both private and small group tours. 

In terms of multi-country tours we offer a Silk Road through The Stans tour which visits Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and continues from our Silk Road through China tour, and continues onto our Silk Road through Persia tour for anyone looking for an extensive Silk Road tour. We also offer a 5 Stans tour covering all 5 Stans over 30 days and a 4 Stans tour, primarily created for those who have already visited Uzbekistan but would like to return to the region without repeating ground already covered.

If you are interested in a private tour, any of our group tours can be run on a private basis on dates to suit (see suitable months for each tour in the tour key) or if you prefer something tailored to your interests, time frame and budget then do get in touch and one of our travel specialists will be happy to accommodate by developing an itinerary to suit.
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