One of the least explored countries in Central Asia, if not the world, Turkmenistan is something of a mystery.


One of the least explored countries in Central Asia, if not the world, Turkmenistan is something of a mystery.


A cult of personality surrounded its former leader, Turkmenbashi, the self-styled "father of the Turkmen", who had a taste for bizarre laws - banning circuses, ballet and playing music in cars, while instating a public holiday honouring melons! Modern-day Turkmenistan is in many ways a product of his eccentric leadership.

Though his presence remains ubiquitous through numerous golden statues and dedicated monuments, Turkmenistan offers much more to the inquisitive traveller. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of this unique country - from exquisite handmade Turkmen rugs to its famous Akhal-Teke horses, the trusty steed of the mighty Turkmen warriors of old. 

Uncover what was once the heart of the Islamic world as you explore Kunya Urgench, follow in the footsteps of Silk Road travellers, to the ancient oasis city of Merv, and transport yourself back in time to the Parthian Empire, among the ruins and shrines of Nisa fortress. Travel into the immense and barren landscape of the Kara Kum Desert and come face-to-face with the "Gates of Hell" at the Darvaza flaming crater.

Why travel with us ?

Turkmenistan is one of the world's most mysterious countries, so what better place to visit with Travel The Unknown. We offer a range of small group tours that cover Turkmenistan as part of a wider Stans tour of three, four or all five Stans. 

If you prefer to delve a little deeper, our Turkmenistan Odyssey covers the country's highlights - including Ashgabat, the surreal capital, as well as the ancient sites of Merv, Kunya Urgench, and Nisa - while also visiting the unique Darvaza Gas Crater and remote towns of Turkmenbashi, Yangli Kala Canyon and the Kara Kum desert. This trip can be run on a private basis and also customised to suit. If you have more specific requirements in mind then just let us know - we are waiting to put together a Turkmenistan tour to suit your requirements.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Ashgabat
Population: Around 5.6 million
Languages: Turkmen


Turkmen traditional cooking demonstration and visit an artist’s home in Mary and experience life in a traditional homestead.


Ride a pure Akhaltekin horse into the desert from Arkadash stud farm (experienced riders only) or watch the horse racing in Ashgabat Hippodrome. 

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