Discover how this captivating country continues to live up to its name as the “land of the wanderers”.


Discover how this captivating country continues to live up to its name as the “land of the wanderers”.


Most famous for its abundant oil reserves as well as its controversial "depiction" in the movie 'Borat', Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, roughly the size of Western Europe - and the most economically advanced of the Stans. Lying at the crossroads of ancient civilizations, Kazakh ancestry can be traced back to the invading Mongol hordes of the 12th and 13th centuries. Though the population remained largely nomadic until the 20th century, today Kazakhstan is ethnically diverse, rich in culture and wears its ancient heritage with pride.

Take in the Soviet-era architecture reminiscent of parts of Europe as you wander the leafy avenues of Almaty and marvel at the bold, futuristic structures of the capital city, Astana. Discover Kazakhstan’s cinematic natural landscapes - from the sweeping steppes to the icy peaks of the imposing Tian Shen mountains. Marvel at the striking rock formations of the magnificent Sharyn Canyon, explore ancient burial grounds in rolling sand dunes, and watch emblematic eagle-hunters in action. Despite its ever-growing modern cities, Kazakhstan still proudly retains many of its traditions and customs.

Why travel with us ?

Discovering the world's largest landlocked country with the steppe running across its length may appear daunting, but as specialists of Kazakhstan, allow us to introduce you to Kolsai lakes, Altai mountains and the vast steppes.

As well as a small group tour of Kazakhstan we also offer a 4-Stan tour and a 5-Stan tour both of which incorporate Kazakhstan along the way.

If you fancy some high adrenaline excitement you can ride gyroplanes, go paragliding or ride a buggy on hard, off-road terrain. If your timing is right you can witness a live rocket launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Whatever your interests get in touch and we will be happy to design a Kazakhstan itinerary to suit your requirements.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Nur-Sultan
Population: Around 17.8 million
Languages: Kazakh & Russian


Hot air balloon rides, gyroplane flights and paragliding; take in the vastness of Kazakhstan’s famous steppe landscape from above. Buggy riding and river rafting options available. 

Cosmodrome Museum

Visit the Baikonur Cosmodrome Museum; depending on timings it may be possible to watch a rocket launch. 

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