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Press News

Travel The Unknown, specialists in off-the-beaten-track small group & tailormade travel, are delighted to announce the following news for 2017 (follow links below for more info):

New destinations for 2017
China (Hidden Central China, Silk Road, Classic tour)
Borneo (Classic, Hidden and Wildlife tours)
Nepal (Classic, Hidden tours)
Laos (Classic, Hidden tours)

New tours for 2017
Iran (UNESCO sites, Silk Road, Grand tour)
Subcontinent (Highlights of the Subcontinent)
India (Hillstations to the Himalayas, Tribal Orissa & Chhattisgarh)
Cuba (Cuban Odyssey, whole island tour)
Mexico (Mayan Lives - Then & Now)
Ethiopia (Ethiopian Odyssey)
Myanmar (Hidden Tribes & Pagodas of Myanmar)

Two brand new brochures for 2017
- Asia
- Middle East, Africa, Europe, Near East, Latin America

Press trips considered - Contact us for details