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Travel The Unknown, specialists in off-the-beaten-track small group & tailormade travel, are delighted to announce the following news for 2018 (follow links below for more info)

Now taking travellers to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a destination that easily reminds us that the world is an incredibly beautiful place. It is a land of immense cultural and biological diversity, known for its countless tribal villages, many with their own languages.

There are also pristine beaches, the world's most untouched coral reefs, active volcanoes, impressive mountains, dense rainforest and incredible hiking routes, which Travel The Unknown founder David McGuinness recently discovered for himself.

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Open for Discovery - Göbekli Tepe

The World's Oldest Temple Re-Opens!

We've all heard of Stonehenge, we all know it's really old... but did you know that there is a temple on a hill in Turkey, that is approximately 6,000 years older?! Introducing Göbekli Tepe at an estimated age of 12,000 years old.

Göbekli Tepe translates as 'Pot Belly Hill', describing the location of this magnificent site. The structure contains many 16-ton pillars that were crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who had not yet developed metal tools.

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New Latin America destinations

Travel The Unknown has been specialising in 'small group and tailormade tours' for over 10 years and we are very excited to announce that our Latin America family of tours has just got bigger and better!

Whether you are looking to delve into the Amazon, sleep under the stars in the desert, or snorkel with sea lions we have an itinerary that includes truly authentic experiences in the most remote and intriguing destinations in the world ready for you.

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New destinations for 2018

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