One-off Tours & Unique Trips

As travellers, we are always looking for new and unique ways to see the world and its people, and sometimes fate conspires to create unparalleled opportunities. As celestial bodies align, truly rare and otherworldly spectacles unfold; significant festivals occur, giving way to exceptional celebrations that only happen from time-to-time. We have endeavoured to produce a selection of tours that are focused on such occasions and special anniversaries.


You'd be hard pressed to find a clearer sky than in Chile's Atacama Desert. You'd be even harder pressed to find a landscape that looks more like the surface of the moon than here too. Well the stars have aligned for any galactic geek because it also plays host to the 2020 solar eclipse. With a trifecta like this, it promises to be a real once in a lifetime expedition...


As if one unique event in the form of an astronomical spectacle isn't enough, we decided to ramp it up by offering a tour to the frozen edge of Antarctica. If it's serendipity you seek, then seek no more...

To be announced . . .

We are working very closely with our operators to create some unique one-off tours and will have them ready soon. If you would like to be kept updated on this, click the link below.

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