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Look at some options to extend your trip in Konya. Days can be taken in combination as preferred.

Take in the ancient dwellings and rock carvings of nearby Kilistra and Lystra, as well as the Greek heritage of Sille. Explore the beautiful Esrefoglu Mosque, and admire its unique wood-crafted design before continuing to the ancient Hittite site of Eflatun Pinar. Or spend a day at leisure in Konya itself taking in its Seljuk history and Sufi culture. We recommend a visit to the Karatay Seljuk Museum.

This page offers some natural extension ideas to our Archaeology of Eastern Turkey


  • The ancient stone settlement of Kilistra
  • Pretty Sille's ancient church and Greek heritage
  • Esrefoglu Mosque, the best preserved wooden columned and roofed mosque in Islamic World
  • Visit the Hittite monument of Eflatunpinar
  • See the fine blue-and-white Seljuk tiles, preserved since the 13th century.

Places Visited

Konya - Kilistra and Lystra - Sille - Esrefoglu Mosque - Beysehir - Eflatun Pinar - Karatay Seljuk Museum

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Arrival & departure transfers
Ground transport with driver
Domestic flights
English-speaking guides unless otherwise specified
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Day 1 : Kilistra & Lystra - Sille

After breakfast drive out to visit the caves and landscapes of little-visited Kilistra and nearby Lystra. Continue to Sille for lunch. Take a relaxed pace visit of Sille before returning to Konya for overnight.

Meal plan: Breakfast

The large rock carvings in the village of Gökyurt are the remains of the ancient Kilistra settlement, which dates back to Hellenistic and Roman times (2nd century BC - 3rd century AD). A whole city was carved into the rock with churches, houses, fountains, and watch towers, all complete with ventilation. The small rock-cut church is particularly impressive. Close by is the site of Lystra, another ancient village from the Roman Empire, colonised around 6th century BC. It is mentioned in the New Testament and was visited by Paul the Apostle on multiple occasions where he apparently healed a man. A small museum nearby in Hatunsaray displays some of the excavated artifacts from this site.

Sille is a small, old village near the town of Konya. It used to have a large Greek population who lived harmoniously with the local Turkish population for over 800 years, until the population exchange in 1923. Because of this, the village was able to retain the Greek language and Orthodox Christian religion. The church of St Helen is believed to have been founded by Constantine The Great's mother, Empress Helena and was used as a military depot during WWI and later as a clinic where a German doctor attached artificial limbs.

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Day 2 : Esrefoglu Mosque - Eflatun Pinar

Today you will visit Beysehir's ​Esrefoglu Mosque, a UNESCO heritage wooden mosque. Later drive to the Hittite site of Eflatun Pinar to visit this ancient site. Return to Konya for overnight.

Meal plan: Breakfast

Esrefoglu Mosque (1296-1299) is the finest example of the Seljuk Turkish flat-wooden-ceiling and wooden column-style of mosque construction in Anatolia. As the plaque in front reads: "It is a wooden mosque museum in terms of its superior wood and tile workmanship." A grand Seljuk-style carved stone portal leads to a beautifully tiled interior portal, then into the main hall. This lofty space is a forest of tree-trunk columns supporting a flat roof of tree-trunk rafters. In the center is a pool, open to the sky above when it was built, but now covered with a glass roof to keep out the elements. The mosque has been beautifully restored, and is a delight to explore.

Located 22 km from the town of Beyşehir, Eflatun Pinar is a combination of a spring and a Hittite monument displaying the gods of earth and sky. The monument stands on the north edge of a roughly 34 by 30 meter rectangular pond. The upper part of the monument has 12 figures. At the centre are the main god and goddess, and around them 10 spirits or heraldic hybrid creatures supporting the two winged sun disks above the gods and an enormous winged sun disk above them. It possibly symbolizes the gods who carry the sky and connect it with the earth. The base has 5 mountain gods that are visible only when the water level is low. The central three of the mountain gods could be interpreted as mountain-spring gods with multiple spring holes on them. The facade of the monument is built using 19 large stone blocks. It is 7.1 meters in length and about 7 meters in height including the mountain gods at the base. Stylistically, it is dated to the 2nd half of 13th century BCE to the reign of Tudhaliya IV.

There is a rectangular platform at the south wall with a heavily damaged remain of a god and goddess relief on its pond facing side. There are also several other sculpture fragments around the pond. Largest piece is a triple bull protome to the south of the pond which is not in its original location. During the Roman era it was used as a part of a dam that was built on the southwest side of the pond. There are couple of goddess figures to the left and right of the main monument on the north wall. 

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Day 3 : Konya

Spend a day at leisure (unguided) to visit this Seljuk town and its close association with Sufi culture and history. We suggest a visit of the Karatay Seljuk Museum. Overnight in Konya.

Meal plan: Breakfast

The Karatay Seljuk Museum in Konya, opened in 1955, is a richly restored Seljuk theological school from 1251 that displays finely preserved blue-and-white Seljuk tile work. The massive domed ceiling is decorated with dazzling turquoise, indigo, and black tiles, and more spectacular ceramic decoration is found throughout the museum.

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I went on this trip rather than all the other interesting possibilities in the world because I wanted to go to Gobekli Tepe. Being there was all I could have hoped for. It was a stunning experience and I was moved to tears. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Regarding the food, the olives were the best I`ve ever tasted. And the yoghurt is fabulous. Also the cheese and pistachios and apricots. Oh yes, and the watermelon : ) Thanks to David too for being so patient with my endless questions

Cynthia Bishop , Eastern Turkey Explorer, Turkey

I had a lovely time in Turkey. Both of the tours that were part of the package were fabulous, both tour guides were very knowledgeable and made the trips very interesting providing plenty of information, and the places where we went for lunches as part of the trip were superb. David McGuinness is a credit to Travel the Unknown, he goes that `extra mile` to keep customer happy. I`d like to say a huge `thank you` for all the help you gave me organising and planning my trip. I certainly will recommend anyone to use you for planning their `unknown` destination holiday. The emails, telephone calls were all spot on, well done :-) :-)

Jane Kimberley , The Magic of Cappadocia, Turkey

We covered many miles and saw some fantastic sites and sights. The special access that our tour leader provided really enhanced the experience for me - I`ll certainly never forget tracking down an inscription in Van with his help - and to see Gobekli Tepe and Nemrut Dag on the same day was marvelous. At the end of the trip, the Zeugma Mosaic Museum was a wonderful surprise - the best mosaics I`ve ever seen, in a truly world-class setting.

Jim Cleary , Eastern Turkey Explorer, Turkey

Travel the Unknown provide good friendly advice and information before travel. They are very approachable and helpful. The accommodation is of a high standard as are the meals. Local guides are knowledgeable and anxious to ensure that travellers have a good and rounded experience.

Anthony Twohig , Eastern Turkey Explorer, Turkey

I would not hesitate in using Travel the Unknown for any future journeys to off the beaten track destinations.

Andrea Selfridge , Tailormade Turkey

Arda, our local guide was absolutely the best. Always a smile, always running (literally) to fulfill every request, treating every member as his personal responsibility, and going way way above and beyond to assist and accommodate. He is a so remarkably knowledgeable, and seemingly found no question beyond his ability to answer & explain. And his English is impeccable. KEEP HIM!!! Very special individual. Andrew is an incredible guide, with such a wealth of information and passion for his subjects. He never tired and made the trip fascinating and exciting due to the perspectives and explanations he shared continuously based upon years of research. Felt very fortunate to be in his presence for 2 weeks in such places that we were able to visit. Same for Hugh. And Hugh`s constant humour was delightful. These two balance each other well, and make a great team

Peggy Roberts , Tailormade Turkey

We greatly enjoyed visiting the ancient sites of Western Turkey with an experienced guide and seeing the remains of so many different periods and cultures. The scenery was spectacular and we felt that the tour gave us a wonderful introduction to the country.

Michael Wilson , Archaeology of Western Turkey, Turkey

This was a very exciting itinerary including fantastic historic and prehistoric site visits, as well as visits to wonderful towns, restaurants and markets. The attentiveness of the guide ensured that everything went smoothly, even in very out-of-the way places. It was possible to fall in love with the drama of the landscape, the character of the architecture, the colour, sights and sounds of the towns, the friendliness and honesty of the people - and I did!

Jane Neild , Eastern Turkey Explorer, Turkey

Charming people organising the trip and acting as guides. An inspirational visit taking us to out of the way places we would never have had the chance to visit. The personal touch Travel the Unknown brings sets them apart.

Caroline & Peter , Eastern Turkey Snapshot, Turkey

A great way to travel to some of the more remote and interesting places in the world. It was a very interesting area and we saw a lot that we would never have managed on our own. I would recommend the holiday to others.

Marion McCallum , Eastern Turkey Snapshot, Turkey

This trip was an amazing and very exhilarating experience. We had high hopes of Gobekli Tepe, which were totally fulfilled- it is utterly amazing, but we had not anticipated some of the other gems to be so exceptional as well. We were a small group, which made the trip very personal. Altogether it was a marvellous week, helped by having a caring guide and an excellent driver.

Joy Lawley , Eastern Turkey Snapshot, Turkey

Travel the Unknown were very responsive to my personal wishes, and flexible enough to make this a fantastic tour- we covered a lot in a limited time. Guides were pleasant and informative, and the transport was excellent.

John Colligan , Eastern Turkey Snapshot & archaeology extension
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