Zero Deposit Scheme

Hold your place on any of our small group tours with a zero deposit.

For a £500 (or €575 or US$650) fully refundable deposit (per person) you can book a private tour.

This offer is valid from 26th of June until 31st of July 2020.


1. Hold your place on any group tour at no cost (zero deposit). You must complete our booking form and we will send you your provisional documents including confirmation of your place on your selected tour. The booking form will make reference to paying a deposit, but under this scheme this would not apply until the trip is deemed viable.

2. For a private tour you can hold your place with a fully refundable deposit of £500 (or  €575 or US$650) per person.

3. In both instances above we advise that no flights be purchased (unless fully refundable) until the tour is confirmed (stage 3).


1. Once we have determined that a tour is viable (i.e. that we believe it is possible to operate the tour) you will have 7 days to pay the required deposit for your tour. In most cases this will be 20% of the land-only costs (though on certain tours this may be higher). Where the departure date is within six weeks then the total balance would be payable rather than just the deposit. For certain tours the balance may be payable earlier than six weeks prior to departure. You would be informed of any variation to these terms, where applicable, when holding your place on the tour (in Stage 1).

In the instance that any change to the operational environment as a result of Coronavirus means we later need to change the evaluation and your tour is no longer viable, then any deposit paid would be fully refundable*. 

2. We will require that all clients take out cancellation and curtailment insurance to cover the scenario where you are unable to travel due to contracting or being in contact with someone who contracted Coronavirus. It is our understanding that such insurance products will be coming to market in the UK (and most likely other countries) in July 2020. This insurance should be in place before you pay your deposit.

3. The decision to classify a tour as viable will include but not be limited to considerations such as:

- That there are no quarantines in place in the country/countries being visited that should affect the operation of the tour assuming passengers to be in good health.

 - That there is availability of flight options to reach the country/countries and sufficient transport options to carry out any given itinerary.

- The determination that the local operating environment is safe and clients booked on the tour agree to abide by our safe travel policy which may include the use of masks, gloves and temperature checks in certain places and in certain instances. More details will be announced on safe travel policy in due course.


1. Once a tour is confirmed it means that it is both viable and in the case of small group tours that it has reached minimum numbers required to run the tour. This means the total amount will be payable six weeks prior to the departure date. In the instance that the departure is already within 6 weeks then the balance will be immediately payable, and must be received no later than 7 days after notification of confirmation of the tour.

2. Once the trip is confirmed clients should look to arrange travel, either directly or through Travel The Unknown, to the country/countries where the tour operates (flights in most cases).


  • This offer applies to Travel The Unknown tours (not to 3rd party tours operated by Travel The Unknown)
  • Customers can only avail of two zero deposit bookings for tours operating in the same calendar year.
  • Most itineraries involving cruises, rail journeys, wildlife hotels/lodges and private safaris will not be covered under this offer. Ask us if you are unsure.
  • This offer cannot be retrospectively applied.
  • Your monies paid are fully refundable or transferrable to another tour if your tour is determined to be not viable due to Covid-19 or, in the case of a small group tour, it does not become a confirmed departure due to insufficient numbers.

How do I book?

1. Choose your tour and departure date (for a group tour), or contact us to tell us your travel requirements in the case of a private tour. Once you have decided what it is that you want to book, then move to the next step.

2. Let us know which tour you wish to book by using the contact form below or by emailing us on:

3. We will send you a link to our booking form. Once you have completed this we will send you your provisional trip documents including your itinerary and confirmation of the booking, so you have a trip all booked up with the option to change your mind if it doesn't suit. What could be better? So why wait? Get in touch now!

Covid-19 FAQs

We understand you may have many questions surrounding travel in the current climate. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions which will hopefully address your concerns. 

Visit Covid-19 FAQs page >>


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