Turkmen traditional cooking demonstration and visit an artist’s home in Mary and experience life in a traditional homestead.


Ride a pure Akhaltekin horse into the desert from Arkadash stud farm (experienced riders only) or watch the horse racing in Ashgabat Hippodrome. 

Turkmenistan presentation

Join Artem Saribekov, Head of Operations for Travel The Unknown in Turkmenistan, for a discovery of this little-known nation. Turkmenistan was once the heart of the Islamic world and an important part of the ancient Silk Road. Transport yourself back in time to the Parthian Empire, among the ruins and shrines of Nisa fortress and the oasis city of Merv. And then fast forward to the surreal capital of Ashgabat, a city of grandiose monuments sheathed in white marble. Travel into the immense and barren landscape of the Kara Kum Desert and come face-to-face with the "Gates of Hell" at the Darvaza flaming crater. A potpourri of ancient and modern cultures and bizarre laws make Turkmenistan truly intriguing and worth exploring.

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