Lebanon Crisis

Please donate to the Lebanese Red Cross


On Tuesday, 4 August 2020, a catastrophic explosion rocked the city of Beirut. Many of you will no doubt have seen the apocalyptic scenes of devastation caused by the blast, which in the matter of seconds completely destroyed buildings and killed many people, immediately making approximately 300,000 homeless. Lebanon has been through a lot in its turbulent history but perhaps nothing comes close to the sudden impact of this explosion.

Lebanon has always been the most progressive country in the Middle East. Despite the great challenges Lebanon faces - the economic and political problems, the Syrian refugee crisis and now the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic - the Lebanese people have continued to astound the world with their resilience and never-say-die attitude. Those of you who have travelled to Lebanon will attest to this and you would also have experienced the country's rich history and culture, incredible sights and world famous cuisine.

Several members of our team have travelled to Lebanon and it is a country we hold dear to our heart. We have made great friends there, with our local partners and guides an extension of the Travel The Unknown family. We will keep abreast of the situation in Beirut and assuming it is feasible and safe to travel to Lebanon we plan to continue operating our tours there later in the year. Lebanon has given us so much and we owe it to the Lebanese people to ensure we keep visiting and supporting those whose livelihoods and families depend on tourism.

In the meantime, we strongly request you to please donate whatever you can to the Lebanese Red Cross to help those in desperate need.

Thank you for your support.