Destination of the Month

According to St Augustine, 'the world is a book, and those who don't travel read only one page'. Well, it might have been him, nobody is sure exactly... either way, it's definitely a good excuse to get some travel inspiration by checking out our destinations of the month below!

Destination of the Month: Moldova

March 2020

Moldova is one of Europe's least well known countries, and also the continent's poorest. However, in terms of cultural value this unassuming nation is nothing less than a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered...


Destination of the Month: Kazakhstan

February 2020

As the ancient playground of the Mongol empire and now at the forefront of space exploration, Kazakhstan has a whole lot for the intrepid traveller to explore...


Destination of the Month: Antarctica

December 2019

Antarctica was once considered totally inhabitable and impossible to traverse; a truly insurmountable task. These days it's much easier to get to, and has plenty to see for those with adventure in their hearts...



March 2021

With eight of the ten highest mountains in the world and the planet's deepest canyon, (if you measure from the river to the highest peaks on either side) Nepal certainly does not play around when it comes to extremes...


Destination of the Month: Turkey

October 2019

With its unique location wedged between Europe and Asia, Turkey has acted as a bridge between two distinct continents throughout history. Turkey is a land of contrast and fusion, bringing together Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Arab and Christian traditions in a rich explosion of life and culture. From the Byzantine empire to the Ottoman empire and beyond...


Destination of the Month: Ethiopia

September 2019

Ethiopia is not only a country filled with natural beauty, it is also home to a fascinating history and culture. As Africa’s oldest independent country and one of only two African countries not to have been colonised (ignoring the short stint of Italian rule), find out what makes Ethiopia unique to many other African destinations...


Destination of the Month: Madagascar

August 2019

A veritable paradise for nature lovers and adventure junkies alike, Madagascar is an island full of activities and diverse landscapes, as well as strange and wonderful wildlife...