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Situated on the west side of North Africa, Morocco provides a fantastic cultural escape with all the benefits of a stretched Atlantic coastline. Only a few hours in Morocco will reveal to you that variety really is the spice of life with its Arabic, African and European influences. Discover the vibrant medina's of Marrakesh and Fes, where Islamic and Christian architecture exist side by side and labyrinthine streets lead onto a bustling world of souks (markets), bursting with colourful crafts and foods. Each area of Morocco is unlike any other; from serene coastal towns to rustic Berber villages, remote regions of the Anti Atlas mountains to the breath-taking solitude of the Sahara Desert. Imperial cities, crumbling kasbah's, secluded mountain villages, jaw-dropping views over the Atlantic Ocean and mouth-watering cuisine are all just a flavour of the diversity Morocco has to offer.

Morocco Tour Ideas

Below are some suggested tours for your Morocco holiday. These Morocco tours can run as either small group tours or private tours which can be tailored further as required. For the first time visitor our Classic Morocco tour might appeal. The tour takes in Morocco's Imperial cities (Fes and Meknes), Marrakesh, the High Atlas mountains and Erg Chebbi, in the Sahara Desert, finishing up in the charming coastal town of Essaouira.

If you really want to get off-the-beaten-track in Morocco, then our Southern Morocco Explorer tour starts in Marrakesh but then takes you on some of the most spectacular drives through the High Atlas mountains, the kasbah trail in Draa Valley, Erg Chigaga in a remote part of the Sahara and along the lesser-visited Anti Atlas mountains. The trip ends along the Atlantic coast with stops in quaint fishing towns and the white-washed medina of Essaouira.

For those wanting to get the perfect blend of sightseeing and an insight into Morocco's rich food culture, then our Exotic Flavours of Morocco tour is ideal. Go spice shopping in fragrant souks, watch expert bakers produce delicious breads in traditional ovens, have a go at making Moroccan classics such as tajine and couscous all washed down with fresh Moroccan mint tea.

Scroll down further for more tailormade ideas for your Morocco holiday.

Group Tours

These following tours are all scheduled group tours. If the dates do not suit you or you want to do them on a private basis please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Tailormade Options

For a private and personal experience we can arrange a bespoke tailormade trip to cater specifically to your needs. Please review our group tours for tailormade ideas and complete our online tailormade enquiry form to let us know what you are looking to do and we will be happy to accommodate you.


Our tailormade trekking itineraries range from easy day treks in Berber villages to the more challenging ascent of Morocco's highest peaks.

High Atlas Mountains: Perhaps the most popular area for trekking, you can climb Morocco's tallest mountain, Jebel Toubkal, trek through the jaw-dropping Todra and Dades Gorges, or exert less energy and amble through kasbah settlements and villages, getting an insight into daily Berber life.

Anti Atlas Mountains: From jagged peaks to lush meadows, its diverse terrain hides ancient rock-paintings, crumbling fortifications and remote Berber villages, the Anti Atlas is Morocco's best-kept secret. After a hard day's walk, rest your weary limbs in a Berber home with delicious home-cooked food and revitalising mint tea.

Rif Mountains: Situated in Northern Morocco, the culture, flora and fauna of the Rif Mountains is more similar to that of the Mediterranean. Charming coastal towns and fragrant cedar forests define the landscape. Infused with Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic influences, the delightful blue mountain town of Chefchaouen makes an ideal base to explore the Rif area.

Sahara Desert: Allow the indigo-clad Tuareg nomads to lead you on a camel trek through the captivating landscape of the Sahara Desert in Erg Chebbi or the more remote Erg Chigaga. Set up for the night with a drink by the bonfire under the glittering starlit sky.

Berber Migration Join the nomadic Berbers on their bi-annual migration in the Atlas mountains. You will accompany a Berber family for the duration of the trip, living and eating with them, getting an intimate insight into this unique way of life.

Luxury Riads, Kasbahs & Spas

Images of Morocco conjure up magical medinas, walled cities, sand dunes and rich Berber culture. However, just as impressive are the opulent riads and converted kasbahs which you can call home during your Moroccan adventure. After a day taking in the sights, feast on delightful Moroccan specialities and enjoy a range of Moroccan spa treatments - from steam hammams and massages to natural full body therapies. There are few better ways of rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.


Time your Morocco holiday to coincide with one of Morocco's colourful festivals if you can:

Tan Tan Festival (Sep): Deep in Southern Morocco's Anti Atlas mountains, the village of Tan Tan witnesses the annual congregation of Sahrawi and Berber tribes, who meet to celebrate their proud culture through traditional song and dance, as well as trade, arrange marriages and exchange stories.

Gnaoua World Music Festival (Jun): The coastal town of Essaouira sees its beaches and public squares come roaring to life with some of the best musicians performing from all over Africa. Few festivals can boast world class music with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.


Morocco is blessed with two stunning coastlines - the Atlantic and the Mediterranean - making it a great beach destination.

Atlantic: Agadir's resorts and long strips of sand have long been popular for sunbathers and surfers. However, for beach and culture, the lesser-visited coastal towns of Mirleft, Sidi Ifni and Dakhla Bay are equally good with fewer tourists.

Mediterranean: To the north, between Tangier and Al Hoceima, the sea is warm and calm and the beaches more intimate, with some tucked in amongst small traditional fishing villages. New Mediterranean seaside resorts are also springing up in Tamuda Bay, on the outskirts of Tétouan and Saidia.

Regional Descriptions


Formerly Morocco's most important imperial city, Marrakesh is a bustling city proudly posing between the snow-capped Anti Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Marrakesh is divided into two regions: the fortified, historical medina, a charming fusion of Arab, African and Spanish culture, and the modernised Gueliz, a sparkling array of top notch restaurants and designer shops, serving Morocco's ever increasing tourism industry. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marrakesh is said to be the second largest medieval complex in the world after Cairo. Marrakesh has a small selection of monuments and museums, the world-famous botanical garden Les Jardins Majorelle, and an impressive 12th century rampart surrounding the medina. The real draw of visiting Marrakesh is the colourful, lively and exotic atmosphere of the main square, Djemma El-Fna.


Within the heights of the Atlas Mountains is the enchanting kasbah of Telouet, an old Islamic city founded by the powerful Glaoui family in the 1800's, a work which was never competed. Wander through the crumbling red brick alleyways, the dusty pink state rooms and admire the colourful zellij tilework.

Ait Benhaddou

Within the Ounila Valley of the High Atlas lay the 17th century Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site taking the form of an earthy-red fortified ksar, boasting panoramic views of the Sahara. Used frequently as a location in blockbuster films (such as Ridley Scott's 2000 film Gladiator), this stunning example of Moroccan architecture contains a mosque, a public square, numerous kasbah's and cemeteries.

The Draa Valley

A trail of kasbah's and flourishing string of oases are dotted along the Draa River running through the Anti Atlas Mountains, forming the Draa Valley. Thick with date palms and fig trees, this fertile land has over the centuries become home to a people of Arab, Berber, Jewish and Mauritanian heritage.

Erg Chigaga

The most dramatic dunes of the Zagora region reachable only by a two day camel ride (or two hour 4WD drive!), are awaiting you at Erg Chigaga. One of only two ergs (shifting sand dunes) in Morocco, the deep red colour and perfectly formed peaks of soft sand are the classic image of the Sahara Desert; watching the sun set behind the tall ridges is sure to be one of the most impressive sights of the whole trip. Stay at the luxurious Erg Chigaga Desert Camp, and begin your journey like no other, through the heart of the Sahara Desert.

The Anti Atlas Mountains

Part of North Africa's Atlas mountain range, the Anti Atlas runs through Morocco and is cut through by the Draa River. The mountains provide great hiking opportunities, as well as an insightful look into the Berber culture. Visit stunning rock formations, majestic agadir and deep, brooding canyons. Breathe in the sweet air during the dry season, when the mountains are blossoming with rosemary, thyme, almonds and argan.


A serene town brimming with ancient tradition, Tafraoute is an oasis located in the Anti Atlas, where shepherds tend to goats amidst minarets and earthy-pink homes. This small and hidden Berber town sees no tourism, and therefore has maintained an old-world charm, with market stalls selling such items as dried chameleons, cactus roots and myrrh for their traditional spells and medicines. Don't miss the blue rocks; giant boulders painted bright blue by Belgian artist Jean Varime in the 80's.

The Ameln Valley (Almond Valley)

Built on the slopes of Jebel el Kest, the Ameln Valley is a series of villages with brightly painted houses, mosques, palms and springs. Blossoming almond trees decorate the valley and its many oases, providing a beautiful setting while getting to know the fascinating culture of the Berbers.

Coastal Towns: Mirleft & Sidi Ifni

Morocco's coastal towns attract those looking for quiet, remote beaches absent of the usual hubbub surrounding such beauties. Mirleft is a small, traditional market town blessed with earthy, red sand and surrounded with wild flowers. The seaside town of Sidi Ifni neighbours Mirleft, and is known for its art-deco Spanish charm.

Souss Maasa National Park

This vital habitat for 95% of the world's most wild and endangered breeding birds is made up of 33,800 hectares along the curvaceous Atlantic coast. With regular visits from flamingos, the Northern Bald Ibis and kingfishers amongst others, birdwatchers can admire a colourful display of wildlife by visiting the park. A conservation and breeding plan is also underway for some critically endangered species of gazelle and ostrich.

A little on Berber culture...

The Berber people are an indigenous ethnic group of North Africa whose lineages have been traced back 12,000 years. They were so named by the Roman Empire; the title is said to stem from the Latin word for barbarian, however they now refer to themselves as i-Mazigh-en, meaning 'the free people'. The Berber's speak a form of North African Arabic, and are ethnically mixed with Moroccan, Libyan, Algerian and Tunisian heritages. Their culture is largely based around desert-life, and little has changed for centuries past. The men tend to their livestock spending the day searching for food and shelter, while the women take care of the families and create handicrafts for themselves and for sale in souks. They are a tribal, hierarchical culture, and in some cases women have appointed with powerful roles within their communities.

Private & Tailormade Tour Options

The following tours can be run as private tours. They can also be customised, extended, shortened etc. or combined with a group tour to give you the perfect tour. Contact us and let us know how we can help you. Alternatively if you are interested in any of the trips below as a group tour, let us know and we will endeavour to make that happen. Prices shown are per person, based on 2 people travelling.

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Classic Morocco
Imperial cities, Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Coast

✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
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13 £ 2,395
Exotic Flavours of Morocco
Discover Berber culture & cuisine

✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
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8 £ 1,895
Southern Morocco Explorer
The Anti Atlas, Berber villages & Sahara Desert

✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
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14 £ 2,595

Extensions & Ideas

These trips are intended either as extensions to group tours or to use as inspiration for ideas for tailormade tours. They can also be used for ideas of things to do on a private tour. Please contact us if you have any questions

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