Learn about Mayan culture, both ancient and contemporary, their unique customs and enchanting stories.


Learn about Mayan culture, both ancient and contemporary, their unique customs and enchanting stories.


Explore the country's stunning landscapes, eclectic wildlife and rich culture as well as sublime beaches and a delicious cuisine - and enjoy Mexicans' perpetually warm welcome and sunny disposition.

Discover the ancients of Mexico from Aztecs to Zapotecs, Olmecs to Toltecs. Learn about their civilisations and customs and visit the remains of their ancient sites, from vast pyramids to sublime statue columns.

For a taste of indigenous Mexico, come to Oaxaca. This gorgeous state boasts beautiful colonial architecture, a primordial eco-system that draws botanists from all over the planet, fascinating ancient historical sites and is also acknowledged as the gastronomy hot-spot of Mexico. Furthermore, as the indigenous capital of Mexico, it boasts a vast array of languages and customs enhancing the intricate cultural landscape. 

Finally, take time to explore Mexico's bustling capital city and, nearby, the venerable site of Teotihuacan, whose ancestry is a subject of heated debate.

Why travel with us ?

We have been offering tours to Mexico for many years, as can be seen from our wide selection of tours. If you are interested in a small group tour, you can choose from our classic tour covering the cultural highlights of Mexico, our archaeology tour delving into Mexico's fascinating ancient past, or our Mayan Lives tour, where you will learn about both ancient and contemporary Mayan life. In Oaxaca we also offer a culinary tour visiting the states' cultural and culinary hotspots as well as a Day of the Dead festival tour in late October, taking in the liveliest of Mexico's festivals in its indigenous heartland. Our final small group tour combines Mexico's highlights with those of its upbeat and surprisingly close neighbour, Cuba. 

If you prefer a private trip we would be delighted to customise a trip to suit you. As well as all of the options from our group trips, we can also offer you whale-watching, trekking, rafting and a host of other activities. Why not plan a visit to the staggering Copper Canyon or explore the Yucatan peninsula? And what better way to relax and reflect on your trip than on one of Mexico's superb beaches with a range of excellent accommodation options. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to put something together for you.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Mexico City
Population: Around 127 million
Languages: Spanish

Mexico Presentation

Mexico: the land of ancient sites, rich culture & delicious cuisine. Join Katja Peichl; product manager & curator of Travel The Unknown’s Mexico tours on a a journey through the country’s stunning landscapes and sublime beaches. Together, we discover the the hidden secrets of the Olmecs, Aztecs & Mayans. This presentation will take you from Mexico’s bustling capital city and the nearby venerable site of Teotihuacan to Oaxaca, the gastronomy hot-spot of Mexico, ending up in Yucatan’s fascinating ancient historical sites. It is the dream destination for archaeology & culinary aficionados.

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