A small but fascinating country with a proud heritage.


A small but fascinating country with a proud heritage.


Explore the UNESCO listed monasteries of Kosovo, meet the wood-craftsmen of Gjakova and admire their famous cradles; visit Prizren fortress, an ancient structure that has been a place for defence and refuge since prehistoric times, as well as the picturesque Ottoman town that surrounds it, and hike to the beautiful Mirushë and Black Stone Falls. 

August brings the Rugova Traditional Games, with a series of time-honoured but almost forgotten sports and customs, not unlike Scotland's Highland Games - including wrestling, stone-throwing, tug-of-war, and tree-climbing competitions - as well as Dokufest, an International Documentary and Short Film Festival. In November, Pristina hosts its prestigious Jazz Festival. Goleshi Peak is a great place for paragliding, and Restelicë Valley is a great spot for walkers, bird-lovers and wildlife.

Why travel with us ?

Kosovo sees few tourists, and its reputation is not one that causes envy amongst many. But it is precisely this that makes it such an authentic destination. We will help you explore this forgotten land, meet the people who call it home, and delve into its complex and sometimes contradictory historical narratives. Trace Serbian and Ottoman influences, and discover ancient traditions and its beautiful nature. 

We will be happy to customise a trip to Kosovo to suit you. We can also combine a trip to Kosovo with a visit to its Balkan neighbours, or with Turkey. If you have something specific in mind, we are happy to design a tour suited to you.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Pristina
Population: Around 1.8 million
Languages: Albanian & Serbian


Orthodox monasteries, battlefields, cave complexes and beautiful scenery. 


Hike through rugged country or experience the Rugova Traditional Games. 

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