Discover spectacular wildlife, tribal festivals, dramatic mountains and unique culture in the world's most diverse country


Discover spectacular wildlife, tribal festivals, dramatic mountains and unique culture in the world's most diverse country


From the metropolitan buzz of its cities to its expansive deserts; its sacred, snow-capped Himalayas to its thick, tropical jungles; India is a complex tapestry of environments and peoples. Wander through verdant tea plantations, trek through mountain valleys or walk across a living bridge. 

Spot diverse wildlife and if you are lucky set eyes on India's wildlife superstar, the tiger. Interact with locals and experience an ancient way of life at a lively tribal festival. Shop in the frenzied bazaars and barter your way through the fragrant spice stalls ready for a cooking class that will leave you hungry for more. And when it's time to wind down, retreat to India's exotic shores to relax and reflect.

Why travel with us ?

Our knowledge, experience and love for India is unsurpassed, reflected in the depth and variety of our small group tours as well as our vast array of extension options. Several members of our team have travelled extensively in India and our in-house specialist, Sunita, was born and raised there, so we bring first-hand knowledge of this fascinating country. Our India tours have generally been crafted with the repeat visitor in mind. We delve into tribal areas and Buddhist mountains of the remote northeast, visit the less-frequented states of Odisha and Gujarat, rich in culture and ancient temples. Explore India's northernmost tip in the shadow of the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain ranges in Kashmir and Ladakh, or venture to the more tropical southern part of the country where we offer a wide range of tours.

We also have some great itineraries for the first time visitor. Travel from the bustling streets of Delhi to palm-fringed beaches of Goa or Kerala on our Glimpse of India tour, while our Taj, Tigers and Temples tour in North India is the ideal trip to experience iconic sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, the Ganges and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Alternatively, discover camels, forts and deserts on our Classic Rajasthan tour, or if you prefer a more gentle introduction to India, then our Classic Kerala tour in South India gives you a flavour of Kerala's colonial heritage, tea, spices and idyllic backwaters.

There is perhaps no other country as diverse in India, so the range of extensions and unique experiences we can offer is endless - including themed tours for every interest: tribal cultures, textiles, festivals, cuisine, religion, nature and wildlife, trekking and cruises to name a few. Together with our local partners we have hand-picked some delightful accommodation, ranging from charming boutique hotels and luxury camps to tranquil houseboats and opulent palaces ensuring you get the most out of your India experience. If you have something in mind you would like to do in India, just ask.
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Quick Facts

Capital: New Delhi
Population: Around 1.3 billion
Languages: Hindi (dominant), Telugu/Tamil (south), Marathi/Gujarati (west), Bengali/Assamese/Oriya (east), Kashmiri/Punjabi (north)

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