Ethiopia's diversity in culture, geography and history make it a completely unique proposition in Africa.


Ethiopia's diversity in culture, geography and history make it a completely unique proposition in Africa.



As the site of some of the oldest human habitations on the planet, Ethiopia is a country bursting with unique historical secrets. The second most populous country in Africa, Ethiopia is also the only country on the continent never to have been truly colonised. An incredible range of animals, some endangered, have chosen Ethiopia as their home, and one look at the diverse landscape immediately tells you why. It boasts stunning natural beauty - with soaring mountains, vast deserts, tropical jungles and dramatic volcanoes, as well as ancient tribal traditions, and one of the world's oldest Christian cultures. 

Why travel with us ?

Our team has spent considerable time travelling the length and breadth of this vast country discovering its incredible sights, from the UNESCO-listed rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and towering stelae in Axum to the intriguing tribal cultures in the Omo Valley. Our small group and tailormade tours to Ethiopia also venture further off-the-beaten-track and take you to much remoter parts of the country including the Danakil Depression, where you can witness surreal sulphur pools, salt flats and trek to the rim of an active volcano, Harar, the Islamic heart of Ethiopia, close to Djibouti, and rarely visited tribal villages in the western Omo region. 

To get an insight into the unique Orthodox Christianity in the north, our Festivals of Ethiopia trip every January gives you the chance to experience the two largest festivals in the country - Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) and Timkat (the re-enactment of Christ’s baptism). 

For nature lovers and trekkers, two mountain ranges stand out in particular - the Simien Mountains, home to the charismatic gelada baboons and walia ibex - and the comparatively lesser-visited Bale Mountains, home to the Ethiopian wolf (the rarest canid on earth), elegant mountain nyala and magnificent bird life. The Great Rift Valley cuts down the centre of the country and is frequented by birds, hippos and other wildlife.  We also organise community-based treks in the Tigray and Wollo regions, which open a window into rural life in northern Ethiopia. 

What better way to absorb all you’ll experience than by sitting down with locals at a traditional coffee ceremony (Ethiopia’s gift to the world). Ethiopia really is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets, so contact us to put together your perfect trip.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Addis Ababa
Population: Around 102.4 million
Languages: Amharic

Ethiopia Presentation

Join Yvonne from Bale Mountain Lodge as we go on a journey through Ethiopia; a vast and varied country. This presentation will take you around the key parts of northern Ethiopia. Starting in the vibrant capital Addis Ababa, we will move on to sights such as Axum, Gondar, the Simien Mountains and the iconic rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. We also venture down south to the lesser-visited Bale Mountains, home to some incredible endemic wildlife and rare flora.


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