Otherworldly deserts, dramatic volcanoes, ruggedly beautiful Patagonia and the mystical Easter Island: it's time to discover Chile.


Otherworldly deserts, dramatic volcanoes, ruggedly beautiful Patagonia and the mystical Easter Island: it's time to discover Chile.


Stretching down half the length of South America in between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, Chile is the longest country on the continent with some of its most diverse landscapes. From the world's highest and driest desert in the north to the largest glacial field outside the poles in the south, experience nature on a truly colossal scale.
Step outside the modern esplanades of Santiago and journey into the rugged landscape of windswept Patagonia, where magnificent snow-capped peaks loom in Torres del Paine National Park, huge Andean condors soar and the elusive puma hides. Marvel at the picture-perfect scenery of the lush lake district, where conical volcanoes soar above untouched evergreen forests and the tranquil surface of turquoise lakes. Enter an extraterrestrial world as you explore the lunar-like landscapes of the Atacama Desert, home to some of the world's best stargazing. Get truly off-the-beaten-track as you travel along the Austral Highway, sometimes not seeing another soul for hours, and ponder the mysteries of the ancient Polynesian culture on volcanic Easter Island. Finally, sit back and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Chilean people while sampling Chile's world-famous wines. Whatever your tastes, a journey through Chile is nothing short of breathtaking.  

Solar eclipse in Chile: December 2020
On 14th December 2020, Chile will play host to one of the standout occasions of the astronomical calendar: the total solar eclipse. Millions of eclipse seekers are expected to descend on the Chilean lake district in northern Patagonia to witness the awe-inspiring event, and you can be there too. We have carefully curated a special astronomy tour of Chile that takes in some of the country’s cultural and scenic highlights, including the cosmopolitan capital of Santiago, colourful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaíso and the otherworldly Atacama Desert, and combines them with stargazing activities and an observatory visit in an area that boasts of the clearest skies in the world. This is a unique opportunity to discover the best of Chile while experiencing a total solar eclipse that will live long in the memory.

Read more about the solar eclipse in Chile and our special one-off tour here.

Chilean Patagonia
Lying at the southern tip of South America, Chilean Patagonia's dramatic, rugged landscape is truly epic. A far cry from the arid Atacama Desert, this is a region where it's common to experience four seasons in one day. Chilean Patagonia offers infinite opportunities for outdoor adventure, with striking volcanic scenery, dense ancient forests and rushing glacial rivers of northern Patagonia making way for the majestic mountain scenery of Torres del Paine National Park. Step off the beaten track along the vast Carretera Austral and experience nature at its most potent as you discover hidden waterfalls and glacial streams within the untouched Parque Pumalín.

Why travel with us ?

When you visit Chile on one of our tours, you won't just 'see' the highlights - however spectacular they may be; you will experience them too. We've scoured the country and collaborated with our trusted local partners to deliver one-of-a-kind tours with immersive experiences, giving you a unique insight into this vast land.

Whether it is meeting the welcoming Aymara people in Chile's north or venturing down the remote Austral Highway, we have a Chilean adventure waiting for you. We have carefully designed our small group Chile tours with you, the intrepid traveller, in mind and we hope you find them inspiring. But, if you would like to customise or extend one of these tours (perhaps the Bolivian Salt Flats are calling?), just speak to one of our friendly Travel Specialists who can bring your ideas to life.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Santiago
Population: Around 17.9 million
Languages: Spanish

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