This warm and friendly country will envelop you from the first moment you arrive.


This warm and friendly country will envelop you from the first moment you arrive.


Countless rivers weave their way through the landscapes of Bangladesh, perfect for soaking up the culture via paddle boat. Barely touched by tourism, Bangladesh has retained a distinct character and an authentic identity. 

Whether you’re navigating Old Dhaka by rickshaw, cruising through the world’s largest mangroves in the Sundarbans or meeting with remote tribal peoples, you’ll find adventure at every turn.

Why travel with us ?

The only southeast Asian country which is still quite untouched by tourism, Bangladesh has plenty to offer. Join one of our Bangladesh tours to understand its fascinating capital Dhaka, the local populations' love for cricket, and much more besides. 

Travel in style on an old fashioned rocket steamer, cruise along the Sundarbans, meet tribal communities and immerse yourself in stories of the past while enjoying a freshly brewed cuppa at Srimangal.

If you would like a tour tailored around your interests, or to extend your Bangladesh small group tour, just call us and speak to one of our specialists.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Dhaka
Population: Around 163 million
Languages: Bengali

Bangladesh Presentation

Join local expert Byed Riazul Huq (Riaz) on a tour through his native country. Bangladesh – home to the largest river delta and mangrove forest in the world, Sundarbans. From the buzzing city of Dhaka to the quieter tea plantations, the remote tribes, and the beautiful mosques & temples dotted around the country, Bangladesh caters to the interests of different types of travellers. Still quite untouched by tourism, there is a lot in this fascinating country waiting to be explored. 

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