The 'land of fire', Azerbaijan was once home to the ancient Zoroastrian religion.


The 'land of fire', Azerbaijan was once home to the ancient Zoroastrian religion.


The recently-developed Flame Towers of Baku are a testament to Azerbaijan's Zoroastrian past; these impressive modern structures tower over the medieval streets of Baku's Old Town, symbolic of the striking contrast between old and new that makes Azerbaijan so special. The Old Town boats 4 UNESCO World Heritage site, including the iconic stone-carved Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the curious Maiden Tower, which features on Azeri bank notes. Visit the ancient Ateshgah fire temple and its eternally burning "holy fire". Head down the shores of the Caspian Sea to Gobustan National Park, home to over 6,000 ancient rock carvings which date back some 40,000 years and depict a wealth of scenes from prehistoric times. Visit remote mud volcanoes, explore the stunning Khan's Palace in Sheki or go walking in the high Caucasus mountains. Azerbiajan is a fascinating and little visited gem straddling the borders of Europe and Asia.

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Azerbaijan once sat firmly on the Asia side of the Europe/Asia border, unlike its close neighbours Georgia and Armenia. But today the country is beginning to tilt to Europe in many respects, particularly in its leaders' ambitions. But in other ways it is Asian influences in the ascendancy as evidenced by an increase in those practicing Islam (albeit from a relatively low base).

Azerbaijan today offers ancient history with a distinctly modern feel in places, and its Islamic heritage is in marked contrast to that of its Christian neighbours. Sharing a religion with Iran (shi'ism) and a language with Turkey (Azeri is a dialect of Turkish), Azerbaijan combines myriad influences with its own distinctive personality. 

We have designed some small group tours to help you navigate these subtleties - either on our Best of the Caucasus tour - including Georgia and Armenia - or on an in-depth Azerbaijan Explorer tour to get under the skin of Azerbaijan, as well as a hiking itinerary in the Northern Caucasus mountains. Want to explore more? Why not take a cooking class, learn local crafts, or visit one of Azerbaijan's hundreds of mud volcanoes. You can also combine a trip to Azerbaijan with visits to any of its major neighbours in the Caucasus and beyond, including Iran, Turkey and the "Stans" of Central Asia.

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Quick Facts

Capital: Baku
Population: Around 9.7 million
Languages: Azerbaijani

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