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Moldova Tours & Tailormade Holidays

Visit Moldova, Europe's least visited country. Name three famous Belgians? Instead name any fact about Moldova! Carved out of the crumbling Soviet Union, with ethnic links to Romania and a history of being dominated by powerful neighbours that came and went - Turks, Lithuanians, Poles, Soviets - Moldova is a friendly and fascinating place with excellent wine, beautiful Orthodox monasteries and one of the world's great "outdoor museums", in the break-away Soviet bubble state, Transnistria.

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Along Soviet Fringes
Delve into the diversity of Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

Off the beaten track :   
Activity :  
26 Sep 2017
27 Apr 2018
26 Sep 2018
15 £ 3,195
Moldova Explorer
Taste fine wines and explore lost Soviet enclaves in remote Moldova

Off the beaten track :   
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07 Oct 2017
03 May 2018
10 Oct 2018
8 £ 1,145