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The stunning red-rock city of Petra has long been considered the jewel in Jordan`s crown, but this enigmatic country holds a wealth of hidden treasures if you dig a little deeper under the surface. Discover Jerash`s remarkable Roman ruins, marvel at the mosaics of Madaba, see the dramatic Wadi Rum lit by moonlight, read a book as you float in the Dead Sea, and explore rich, fertile landscapes and animal habitats at the Dana Biosphere Nature Reserve.

The Dead Sea

A natural phenomenon and the lowest place on earth at about 400m below sea level, a dip in the Dead Sea is the quintessential experience of any trip to Jordan. Known in ancient times as both `The Sea of Salt` and `The Sea of Death`, the Dead Sea lacks neighbouring water channels to replenish itself, so the water evaporates faster than the basin is re-filled, producing the highest salt-concentration of any sea on Earth. In fact, the salinity levels are so high that only micro-organisms can survive in its water. For people however, the salty water has many health benefits, `dead sea minerals`, for instance, purify and cleanse the skin.


The `rose-red city, half as old as time`, Petra was voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World in a recent world-wide poll, and boasts astounding natural beauty. With its name taken from the Greek word for stone, and established as far back as the 3rd century BC, the rock-hewn city of Petra is a phenomenal complex of temples, tombs, theatres, monasteries, tunnels, castles and forts. It was originally created by the ancient Naabateans as desert city to house their water supply. Petra lay undiscovered until the early 19th century, and has since been famously used as the location for an Indiana Jones film.

Wadi Rum

Featured as the backdrop for Lawrence of Arabia, this hauntingly beautiful landscape of mountains and knife-edge sand dunes truly feels like another world. Witness a desert sunset, feast on a sumptuous meal in a Bedouin camp and surrender to the silence of the desert at night. Memories of Wadi Rum are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Dana Biosphere Nature Reserve

Jordan`s most impressive eco-project, this vast park ranges from sandstone cliffs at over 1500m to the Wadi Arabi desert at 50m below sea-level. Home to many species of plants and animals, the park is the perfect escape for hikers and nature-enthusiasts alike.

Tailormade Jordan

For a private and personal experience we can arrange a bespoke itinerary to cater specifically to your needs. As well as the options available on our group tours, please read on for more ideas which we could incorporate on a private tour.

Trekking & Camel Tours

Trek along ancient Bedouin migration routes and follow picturesque shepherds and hunters` trails. Encounter diverse and striking landscapes, ancient historical remains, delicious cuisine and warm welcomes. Intrepid adventurers may like to take a week-long camel trek through this beautiful landscape to Wadi Rum. An excellent 7-day hike from Dana to Petra is a popular choice for those looking to get away from the crowds, and enables access to Petra via the back route and at a time when the public are not usually allowed in. For more hiking options see info on Reserves (right) or contact us.

Water Sports

Water sports fans visiting Jordan will be spoilt for choice. Aqaba is situated on the alluring Red Sea coast and offers a wide range of excellent water sports and activities including scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling and sailing.


Wadi Al Mujib: The lowest reserve On Earth, this deeply cut sandstone region bordering the salty waters of the Dead Sea features flowing rivers and diverse wildlife including fish, amphibians, birds, Nubian Ibex, and more.

Ajloun Oak Highlands: Rolling hills covered by dense woodlands, with scattered evergreen oak, pistachio trees and wild strawberries. Perfect for hikers.

Dana Biosphere Reserve: Jordan’s largest and most spectacular reserve, the mountains and wadis of Dana extends through Jordan’s Rift Valley. The park hosts numerous archaeological sites and copper mines, as well as the mysterious ruins of Byzantine churches and Islamic graves.


Cycling in Jordan is an excellent way to experience the country. From Dana to Petra or Wadi Rum, cycle through the stunningly beautiful desert of Wadi Araba, along the coast of the Dead Sea or amongst the ancient remains of the rose-red city of Petra.


Take a hot air balloon high above the boundless rugged terrain of Wadi Rum. Watch the vast deserts expand as you rise up and your eyes absorb the Earth‘s sheer magnitude and epic beauty.


Follow a fantastic trail near Madaba, through a black basalt canyon, alongside and through
a stream with two impressive waterfalls to abseil. A two-day canyoning experience is also available near Kerak. Spend the night camping by a waterfall inside the canyon. Abseil down cool waterfalls. Various other canyoning options are also available.

Family Tours

Explore the wonders of Petra, float in the Dead Sea and ride
a camel through Wadi Rum’s beautiful rocky terrain. Go diving or snorkelling in the Red Sea, take a hot air balloon high above the vast desert expanse, and set up camp for the night with Bedouins under a star-filled sky! Jordan offers a fun, educational and entertaining adventure for the whole family!

Jordan Tours

Treasury at Petra

"Jerash is fascinating, loved the mud at the Dead Sea, Bethany and I found Jordan very interesting. Petra by night... AMAZING. Candle-lit all the way to the treasury, the sound echoing around the city was truly mesmerising, a wonderfully mystical experience. Fantastic guide too."

- David, UK

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