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With its windy mountain passes and dramatic gorges, this landlocked country was the first in the world to adopt Christianity, evidenced by the wealth of ancient churches and monasteries with their distinctive Eastern Orthodox architecture. Witness the sparkling waters of Lake Sevan, a vast lake which covers 5% of Armenia's total surface area, and explore the medieval Sevanavank monastery on its shores. Visit the historic Etchmiadzin Cathedral, described as the 'Vatican of Armenia', that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander the leafy boulevards of Yerevan where, if the weather is clear, you can spot the mythical peaks of Mount Ararat and join us for a brandy tasting tour to learn about what makes Armenian brandy unique.

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Best of the Caucasus
Discover the charms and contradictions of Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

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Tailormade Options

We can arrange tailormade or private trips to extend your tour and include other places of interest as well as those on existing itineraries.


Armenia's dramatic mountain landscape makes it a haven for walkers and hikers. The highest mountain in Armenia, Mount Aragats, is suitable for all abilities during the summer months, with the southernmost peak being recommended for inexperienced hikers and climbers, whilst those more experienced can tackle the northern peak. The rural village of Tatev is also popular for walking. Climb up to the historic Tatev Monastery perched on the edge of a gorge for beautiful views over rolling green hills and the Voratan River. Spectacular medieval architecture is dotted throughout Armenia, and the 13th century Noravank Monastery glowing against a backdrop of red cliffs at sunset is a sight to behold.

Whether it is exploring more of Armenia's amazing natural beauty or discovering its extensive collection of historic sites, please contact us to let us know what you are looking to do and we will be happy to accommodate you.