[Part 7] Visit Serbia through David’s eyes, and witness the beauty of this forgotten country. Travel from Belgrade to Lake Paliċ and read about Serbia’s colourful past.


We left Niš early in the morning and arrived at the stunning old wine cellar village of Rajaċka Pimnice around 11am. This is not a real village as the real village is about 1km away but here is where the people from the village have their wine cellars. At 11 not many of the cellars but one friendly ruddy-faced farmer invited us in for some wine. It was surprisingly excellent and we agreed to buy a bottle. He gave us a few more glasses and advised us to check the old cemetery which he said was unique in the world.




We wandered up to the cemetery and it was indeed unlike anything I had seen before with strange unnamed gravestone with elaborate patterns. We came back into the village and the cellars were opening up, and so we sampled some more wine.
Then we had some excellent lunch, and visited a couple more cellars… you are probably getting the picture here. A couple of the cellar owners were quite focussed on making the sale but most just wanted drinking company. We even ended up inside a barrel at one point!




We left Rajac a couple of hours later a little tipsy to say the least. Fortunately we weren’t driving and our driver had been very sensible and stuck to coffee. We drove on to Kladavo, a village on the Danube where we found a simple hotel for the night.




– David

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