[Part 9] Visit Serbia through David’s eyes, and witness the beauty of this forgotten country. Travel from Belgrade to Lake Paliċ and read about Serbia’s colourful past.


After a couple of relaxing days in Belgrade I said goodbye to Andy who headed back home and I hit the road again, this time by public transport. After an hour’s bus ride North, I arrived in Novi Sad, the capital of the Northern semi-autonomous province of Vojvodina. This province is quite different from the rest of Serbia – in population, history and geography. The bus ride passed along a rod-straight road through the great Pannonian Plain, vast flatlands, that contrasted starkly with the windy mountainous terrain of the rest of Serbia.




The region looks more to the North and West whereas the rest of Serbia looks East and has stronger historical ties with Hungary as opposed to Turkey and the difference was immediately obvious when I arrived into Novi Sad with its refined cultured central square and its mixed population of Serbian, Hungarian, Croat and Roma.




I spent the day wandering the streets, absorbing the lively atmosphere with its abundance of street-side cafes and pedestrianised streets. After an excellent dinner and some tasty local wine I had an early night to get ready for the early start the following day.


– David

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