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How long have you been a guide in Lebanon for?
“Since 2010”

What did you Study?
“Archaeology, History of Art and then I studied tourism”

What do you enjoy most about guiding?
“Meeting people from different countries, different backgrounds, different interests. Although I am seeing the same sights but every time with different people, which makes it more interesting and not at all boring.”

What are your favourite sights in Lebanon?
“Baalbak, because of Bacchus temple, it’s impressively well preserved and personally I love the Roman era, and the temple is really a treasure. The second place is Byblos because it’s close to my home town, and Beirut, because of the museums.”

What do you do in your spare time?
“Family is important for us in our society. We are very serious that it goes family, food, then vacation, and when you are around family it is all about the food, and so is the vacation!”

What’s your favourite dish?
“All the Lebanese mezze! The appetisers that we have been having, you have the tabbouleh, the fatouche, the hummus, the baba ganoush. Even though eating with customers it’s always the same food, I still love it.”


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