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We were both bitten by the travel bug back in 1996 whilst we were based in Germany as exchange students. Since then, we have travelled to over 70 countries being particularly drawn to remote places where local customs and cultures had not been impacted by tourism.

Due to the difficulty with arranging logistics and, in some cases, permits, it was clear that the majority of tour operators stay away from such remote destinations. Hence Travel The Unknown was born with the aim of helping you to discover these unspoilt hideaways in some of the most off the beaten track locations on Earth.

We are aware of the environmental downside of larger tour groups. For this reason we consciously keep our ecological and cultural footprint as small as possible. By operating in smaller groups, we can deliver the benefits of tourism without the negative aspects of mass tourism. We make use of locally owned accommodation, eateries and vehicles as well as supporting local community projects; this way locals will always benefit directly from our tours.

As a team, we have personally crafted each one of our tours, and take great pride in ensuring that our strict standards are adhered to. By sourcing the most professional and friendly guides available with a strong local knowledge, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.

So get off the beaten track... take the road less travelled!

David McGuinness &
Rahul Aggarwal

Founders and Directors